Yasmin & Amber Le Bon Shine in Boodles High Jewellery

12 Apr 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Mhairi Mann

Immerse yourself in Boodles' resplendent Wonderland of shooting stars, sea turtles and strawberry fields, as modelled by Amber and Yasmin Le Bon 

Yasmin and Amber Le Bon, Boodles Wonderland collection

Since debuting in 2008, Boodles’ Wonderland High Jewellery collections joyfully capture flora, fauna and fantasy in an array of diamonds and luscious gems.

While the stones are undeniably beautiful, it is the spellbinding narrative behind each collection that really gives this British jeweller the edge. For the fifth Wonderland collection, head of design Rebecca Hawkins takes us on a fantastical journey through lush orchards, whirling deserts and undulating oceans, where sea turtles glide gracefully through diamond-encrusted coral reefs and shooting stars dance above the night sky. A swirling ampersand is also a reoccurring motif within the collection as a literal nod to storytelling. “Our Wonderland collections are always an opportunity for our design team to let their imaginations run wild,” commented Hawkins. “These designs enter a totally fantastical realm.”

Sand Storm and Solar Eclipse

Empowering to wear and astonishing to look at, the artful lines of this sculptural cuff mimic the swirls of calligraphy, like “an ampersand dashed off in a hurry.” A bewitching black sapphire encased in glittering yellow and white diamonds is reflective of a solar eclipse, or a fleeting object caught in a whirling sandstorm.

Strawberry Picking

A sweet strawberry field of pink and white diamonds make up this statement necklace, which is designed to sit perfectly on the neckline. Ampersand motifs nestle discreetly among the vines, as a reminder of the importance of storytelling.

The Sea Turtle Tale

This whimsical piece takes its cue from a motif in the British Museum. With a pink sapphire shell, a Boodles sea turtle gracefully embarks on an ambitious voyage through green tourmaline coral and swirling diamond reefs.

Just Beyond the Setting Sun

Throughout the Boodles High Jewellery collection, attention is lavished on the smallest details. Case in point: this resplendent, wide cuff that took more than 400 hours to create. Mirroring the sun’s rays, white and pastel-hued diamonds shoot out from a central yellow diamond stone.

Skimming Stones

This glittering diamond brooch mirrors a stone in flight. How wonderful would it also be as a hairpiece?

The Mandarin Tree

The Summer Palace

The Cloud Trees

Dragonfly and Dahlia

The Garden of Hesperides

The Ice Skaters

Love Letter to Venice

Ethereal Night

Grenadine in Gold

Late Spring Frost

The Songbird and Waterfall