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Ross Watch Repairs: Meet the pros helping your watch last a lifetime

19 Jan 2024 | Updated on: 16 Feb 2024 |By Hitanshi Kamdar

How to keep your favourite timepiece ticking in perpetuity

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Ross Watch Repairs

Investment is not usually a word associated with accessories, unless, of course, you’re talking about wristwatches. Timepieces are one of the few accessories considered genuine investment pieces or, even better, great family heirlooms that carry sentimental value. As with most investments, if you want them to hold their value and allure, watches require regular TLC to ensure peak performance. It’s only prudent, then, to entrust your watches to the best in the business. Enter, Ross Watch Repairs.

Founded in 2015, Ross Watch Repairs has grown into one of London’s most trusted destinations for horologists – a success which is due in no small part to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each watch that passes through the doors at Ross Watch Repairs is treated with utmost care and keen attention to detail, meaning you can rest assured that your luxury timepiece will receive top-notch care.

A team of qualified professionals, armed with experience fixing watches from brands such as Tag Heuer, Omega, Longines and Rado, operates out of its showroom at The Shard and the newly opened showroom on Cabot Place in Canary Wharf to offer same-day repairs. With both showrooms open at weekends and conveniently located with good access to transportation links, including the tube, DLR and overground services, as well as free weekend parking at the Canary Wharf branch, getting your treasured timepiece serviced couldn’t be easier. Simply drop your watch off, enjoy some time exploring the restaurants, shops and entertainment offerings of Canary Wharf or London Bridge, then retrieve your watch before heading home.

Ross Watch Repairs

Not a London local? Worry not, a postal repair service offers easy access across the UK. Simply pack and send your watch securely and a specialist will reach out to discern your needs and preferences before fixing your watch. Consider the days of finding a trustworthy local repair shop and fretting over how your watch is handled are over.

Watch repair services

From small repairs, such as battery replacement, to complete watch servicing, Ross Watch Repairs offers an array of services to keep your watch running like clockwork.

Battery Reseal Service

Its standard battery reseal service promises high-quality Swiss Renata batteries fitted with care to minimise the risk of damage to the internal mechanism. Each reseal is also followed by a pressure test to ensure the watch remains water-resistant and keeps the internal mechanism safe from dust, dirt, and sweat which can all impede the smooth running of your watch. Pick between a standard and premium reseal and get a 12-month or 24-month guarantee on your repairs.

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Ross Watch Repairs

Full service and overhauls

Wise watch owners will also avail themselves of Ross Watch Repairs’ service and overhaul offering. Think of it like taking your car to the mechanic for a yearly tune-up: the watch battery is replaced and the timepiece is given a full polish to remove most surface scratches and guarantee a good-as-new wristwatch for 24 months. You can also opt for a mini-service that replaces the battery and re-oils the internal mechanism for a quick upgrade.

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Parts repair

If your watch is in perfect working condition but has suffered from cosmetic mishaps, such as a chipped or cracked watch face, a glass replacement is a must to prevent external contaminants such as dirt and moisture causing lasting damage to the mechanism. The watch is usually fitted with the original manufacturer’s glass designed for the watch’s unique shape and size. Even in cases where generic glass is used, pressure testing is performed to ensure a perfect seal exists.

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Bracelet Repair

Regular usage can cause the pins of your watch bracelet to corrode and break. The experts at Ross Watch Repairs can also repair and replace your watch bracelet or strap and are able to source bracelets unique to your specific watch manufacturer and model. They have an array of pins and spring bars in various widths, lengths and styles to fit any bracelet and order specific manufacturer pins if needed. What’s more, if it’s a unique pin, they cut, file and shape one to secure your watch bracelet perfectly.

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Ross Watch Repairs

Finally, cleaning your watch regularly ensures a longer lifespan but isn’t a job that should be undertaken by a novice. Ross Watch Repairs employs an ultrasonic tank, which combines a specialised cleaning fluid with high-frequency waves to create intense vibrations that not only remove n bacteria but also dirt and dead skin cells, too.

With a highly trained team of experts and a commitment to quick and efficient service, Ross Watch Repairs is an easy choice when it comes to trusted watch specialists in London.

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