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Image: Courmayeur Mont Blanc

The travel trends to watch out for in 2024

08 Jan 2024 | |By Annie Lewis

Pack your bags, it’s time to plan your next (on-trend) holiday

There’s nothing quite like a miserable, cold January day to make the idea of booking a holiday incredibly tempting. And for those who like to be trend-setting while they’re jet-setting, allow us to introduce the hottest new crazes set to hit the travel scene in 2024. While not all entirely new (trends are, by nature, cyclical), for those looking to try something off-piste this year, look no further than pickleball-centric holidays, sleep retreats and even a destination dupe or two. Here’s how to plan your next trips around the most prevalent 2024 travel trends – and which leading hotels to book now. 



Move over padel, pickleball is taking over the racket sports scene. Having enjoyed a wildly successful rise in America, pickleball is now taking off in the UK and Europe – with many hotels adding their very own courts to enrich their sport offering. Pickleball is slightly different to its well-known cousin padel, as it uses lightweight foam paddles to chip a hollow plastic ball over a 0.86m net. Despite being invented in 1965, pickleball popularity has become infectious among the celebrity circuit over the past few years – fans include Bill Gates, Emma Watson and Leonardo DiCaprio – and Pickleball England expects to have more than 25,000 members by 2025.

Where to stay: Forte Village, Sardinia

If you fancy trying pickleball for the first time, or if you’re already a seasoned player, the sunny climes of Italian isle Sardinia invite you to get on the court in 2024. The award-winning, family-friendly Forte Village is situated among 16 acres of stunning gardens and boasts its own slice of private beach and an extensive sports academy. Already home to facilities for fencing, boxing, hockey, football, rugby, and rowing, a new pickleball court has been installed for 2024, with one-to-one lessons available for players of all levels. 

From £431 per night, visit

Group ski destinations

courmayeur mont blanc
Image: Courmayeur Mont Blanc

If you’ve successfully planned a group ski holiday, we take our hats off to you. Notoriously one of the most difficult trips to organise – given the mountains are naturally that bit further from airports than normal resorts, the sheer volume and expense of the equipment required and the unreliable weather conditions – another element which is hard to nail is finding a resort inclusive of all abilities. Newbies don’t want to be faced with a maze of black and red runs, while seasoned skiers equally don’t want to be stuck on the baby slopes. Accordingly, many resorts have been working hard to diversify their offerings and create more inclusive ski destinations, with one being found in the Italian Alps. 

“Ahead of our 2024 ski season, we have seen a notable shift in holiday preferences, particularly with an increasing trend of groups often featuring varying ski abilities. Courmayeur, distinguished by its diverse offerings and Italian alpine feel, is a unique ski destination that provides not only pristine pistes for exceptional skiing inclusive of all abilities, but also a myriad of experiences both on and off the slopes,” explains Marta Castori, vice general manager for tourist organisation, Courmayeur Mont Blanc. 

Home to charming restaurants and vibrant bars, Courmayeur’s town centre and its surroundings cater to a range of interests for groups travelling together. “Most notably, our culinary scene will unite everyone, and our locally owned restaurants serving seasonal produce from the Aosta Valley are what sets us apart. Beyond the slopes, non-ski enthusiasts can engage in activities such as joy skating, fat biking, snowshoeing and climbing. The Skyway Monte Bianco is also a huge attraction for our guests,” adds Castori. 

Where to stay: Hotel Le Massif, Italy

Situated at the foot of Mont Blanc in the heart of the Courmayeur ski resort, the five-star Hotel Le Massif is a luxurious stay boasting incredible spa facilities – perfect for those who are looking for as much soothing relaxation as they are exhilarating skiing. Go inside the hotel’s spa facilities to find a bioaquam pool, sauna, hammam, fitness centre and whirlpool tub, offering an ideal place for guests to unwind after a day carving down the mountainside. Elsewhere, discover three restaurants as well as three terraces promising panoramas of the famous Mont Blanc – the best spots in town to soak up the views with a sundowner in hand. For the ultimate experience, book La Loge du Massif: a separate chalet located directly on the ski slopes, which offers superb cuisine and a fashionable location for après ski. 

From £174 per night, visit

Destination dupes

Calabria Italy
Calabria, Italy

Who doesn’t love a good dupe? Having taken over the beauty and fashion world, you can now (perhaps unsurprisingly) find dupes in the travel sector too. As jet setters have grown tired of returning to destinations that have experienced a peak in popularity and become overcrowded, they’re naturally looking for the next best thing in a new country. Enter the destination dupe.

One such dupe is Calabria, dubbed the Cornwall of Italy. Both regions are located on the southern tip of their respective countries, and Calabria boasts equally beautiful beaches, delectable local cuisine and quirky nuances bound to delight those bored of St Ives and Lands End (and after a bit more sunshine too). Calabria isn’t a destination widely known outside of Italy and travellers can expect more reliable weather and lower costs than other coastal towns in the country. 

Where to stay: Villa Paola, Italy

villa paola calabria

A romantic bolthole set on the clifftops of Calabria, Villa Paola is steeped in history. The property was a former 16th-century convent, home to Saint Francis of Paola, and was transformed into a private home at the beginning of the 20th century. Much of the original architecture has been thoughtfully preserved, and the unique hotel boasts manicured gardens, two terraces, and an infinity pool alongside 12 boutique bedrooms where you can rest your head peacefully. Head down to the in-house restaurant and bar to discover delectable dishes made using homegrown produce – such as tomatoes, lemons and oranges sourced from the hotel grounds – and classic cocktails best enjoyed on the terrace while overlooking the shimmering sea below. 

From £266 per night, visit

Celebration holidays

celebration holidays

Since the pandemic, when international travel restrictions took hold of our lives for nearly three years, decadent holidays with one’s nearest and dearest have become all the more popular. After all, what better way is there to make memories than with an all-out, five-star group stay? "As we approach 2024, a growing trend among travellers is a heightened interest in celebratory holiday destinations. Now more than ever, individuals are seeking unique experiences to celebrate milestones with friends and family,” says Kate Hughes, operations director of Lepogo Lodges, nestled in South Africa's Lapalala Wilderness Reserve. 

“For example, our new safari lodge, Melote House, which opens in January 2024 offers exclusive use for up to 16 guests, providing an idyllic setting for group celebrations in complete privacy. Plus, you can elevate your special occasions with a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience through the serene Lapalala valley."

Where to stay: Lepogo Lodges, South Africa

Experience the African wilderness from the comfort of private luxury at Lepogo Lodges. Committed to the conservation and preservation of the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve, the luxury resort is proud to support local communities, has implemented its own carbon offsetting initiatives, and participates in wildlife conservation projects while offering guests sustainable and thoughtful safaris, guaranteeing glimpses of the Big Five. 

Pick from the Noka Camp – comprising four one-bedroom suites and one huge family villa, all with spectacular views and private plunge pools perched atop a rock face overlooking the Palala River – or the newly-opened Melote House. This private oasis is perfect for family celebrations, sleeping up to 16 guests across the six-bedroom house and the adjacent two-bedroom cottage. Don’t miss the private deck overlooking an active waterhole which attracts an array of wildlife, as well as the three swimming pools and a private spa – heaven. 

From £1,680 per night, visit

Sleep retreats

sleep retreats

Sleep retreats have been on the rise for some time – rather unsurprising given only 20 per cent of Brits manage to get eight hours of shut-eye per night. Healthy and consistent sleep habits have been proven to boost your immune system and help you live longer. However, a good sleep routine doesn’t always come easy and, since the pandemic, the travel sector has seen a rise in sleep tourism. 

So, what do sleep retreats involve? Hotels aim to improve shut-eye quality as guests snooze away everyday distractions, and often use diagnostics and wearable technology to test the quality of REM and measure the impact of factors such as stress and anxiety. To tackle poor sleep quality, many hotels include yoga sessions, spa treatments and reflexology to help guests relax and unwind before they drift off. 

Where to stay: Hotel De Len, Italy

Hotel De Len, one of the newest properties in the Italian Dolomites town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, is offering a contemporary and regenerative sleep experience in 2024. Book one of the property’s 22 rooms, each of which is decorated with pine furnishings, known to improve the quality of sleep, and an old fir patina that has natural properties which contribute to the balance of body and mind. 

In addition, the hotel is part of the certified Swiss Optimal Living Society, meaning each bedroom is designed to create an optimal and biocompatible sleep experience. In-room technologies include Magma13, a sleep radiance panel which reorganises energies within a space, the Orpheus radiation filter, and Astreo, a tool used to reduce high-frequency disturbances and thereby ensure a high quality of sleep. In addition, take part in the hotel’s roster of outdoor fitness activities in the fresh air of the Dolomites or indulge in the targeted spa treatments, and we’re sure you’ll be snoozing in no time. 

From £431 per night, visit

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