Carrier Rich List
Carrier Rich List

Where to holiday in 2020: the ultimate list

12 Dec 2019 | By Luxury London

How do you wish to travel in 2020?To help you with your decision, luxury tour operator Carrier presents The Rich List, a curated edit of bespoke experiences tailored to suit your travel needs.

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If there’s one thing that has defined discerning holidaymakers for the past decade, it is that they live for experiences rather than destinations. Say goodbye to the days of generic hotels and cliché to-do lists and embrace a new era of breathtaking bespoke travel, where each experience is personal. Carrier, renowned specialists in tailor made travel, are set to curate an industry-defining holiday edit for 2020: The Rich List.

Nothing has the ability to enrich your mind more than travel – a mind that has been stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. The Rich List is Carrier’s curated collection of enriching holidays and experiences that might just change your life – whether it’s access to the most prestigious suites in the world’s best hotels, taking part in a painting class under the guidance of an acclaimed British artist or arranging a yacht charter complete with a private chef and holistic spa therapist, everything is planned to perfection.

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