George Party
George Party

James Middleton attends George Club Charitable Dogs Committee opening party

27 Feb 2020 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Dominic Jeffares

The most-dog friendly private members' club in London? We think so. George invited its members and their precious pooches for a charity fundraising bash

What: George Charitable Dogs Committee Party

When: 26th February 2020

Where: George Club, 87-88 Mount St, Mayfair, London

Who: James Middleton, Lily Fortescue, Fiona Leahy, Nikki Tibbles, Carole Bamford, Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Le Bon, Charlie Gilkes, Lee Dixon and Leah Woods

George Club is already dog-friendly, but last night the private members’ club showed even more love for its canine companions and launched its new Charitable Dogs Committee. Paws and pumps descended upon the Mayfair haunt in support of Nikki Tibbles’ Wild at Heart Foundation, a charity with an aim to bring an end to the world’s 600 million stray dog problem.

The George Charitable Dog Committee, which also includes dog-lover and model David Gandy, will be supporting the Club in initiatives and events throughout the year fundraising for causes in support of dog welfare.

James Middleton

On the night, members, guests and their dogs enjoyed an abundance of canine-friendly entertainment including a ‘Pawsecco’ station, luxury dog treats from Rockster, a luxury grooming station by Charlie and Co Naturals and dog ice cream on the terrace by Hugo and Celine. A selection of Copper Dog cocktails was served throughout the event including the Dog Collins with fresh orange and the Dog Sour with lemon juice and egg white. James Middleton, who is working on a documentary on how dogs helped him get through his battle with depression, brought along his adorable golden retriever and cocker spaniel.

No pooches were kicked out for bad behaviour, adhering remarkably to the club’s house rules. A ‘best in show’ canine catwalk, however, proved too much of a temptation for some and several dogs saw this as an opportune moment to be hot on the scent as the dog models strutted down with their owners. It’s a good life for some, especially at George.

Kristina Blahnik at George Club, Mayfair
India Langton,Lily Fortescue and Amanda Sheppard at George Club, Mayfair
Lily Fortescue at George Club, Mayfair
India Langton at George Club, Mayfair
James Middleton at George Club, Mayfair
Fiona Leahy at George Club, Mayfair
Lee Dixon
Yasmin Le Bon
Nikki Tibbles and Leah Wood
Astrid Harbord and Lily Fortescue
Amber Le Bon and Yasmin Le Bon
Amber Le Bon
Amanda Shepard
Alexandra Meyers
Nikki Tibbles, Astrid Harbord and Piers Adam