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Advent Calendar: Win the Jancis Robinson Collection from Richard Brendon

04 Dec 2022 | Updated on: 05 Dec 2022 |By Luxury London

The London-based tableware specialist is offering the chance to win the ultimate crystal glass collection this Christmas

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Richard Brendon

When, in 2013, Richard Brendon launched his eponymous brand in Notting Hill, he did so with a simple mission statement: to create beautifully-crafted tableware with which to celebrate life’s big moments. Within a few years, the company had moved from Brendon’s kitchen to a studio in West London and now supplies wine glasses and tableware to some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants and bars.

Central to Richard Brendon’s approach to creating eye-catching – yet, importantly, practical designs – is the company’s ability to bridge the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, producing pieces that are at once down-to-earth yet stylistically daring. Once you’re familiar with Richard Brendon’s signature designs, you’re sure to begin recognising his pieces in some of the capital’s leading department stores and top dining spots.

The company’s Jancis Robinson Collection is the result of a collaborative, cross-disciplinary partnership with the world-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW. At the heart of the collection is the Wine Glass, which, designed with a tulip-shaped bowl, gossamer-thin rim and perfectly-proportioned silhouette, is intended to maximise your enjoyment of a wine’s aromas, flavours and textures.

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Also part of the collection is the Young Wine Decanter, which has been designed to aerate younger wines. To do so, hold the long neck, swirl the decanter energetically, and allow oxygen to encourage the wine’s evolution. The process will mellow the flavours and improve the taste quality of the wine. The Young Wine Decanter is large enough to accommodate a magnum, making it the perfect centrepiece for a dinner party.

“Wine is about human relations, hospitality, rivalry, bonding and ritual,” says Jancis Robinson. “The more thought goes into the process of sharing, the more pleasure it can give.”

“Experience,” continues Robinson, “shows that it is usually young wines that benefit the most.” This is because the oxygen younger wines contain hasn’t had long to take full effect on the wine. Aerating a young wine in a decanter can give an illusion of maturity. Depending on the strength of the wine, Robinson advises decanting anywhere from two to 24 hours prior to serving.

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Both the Jancis Robinson Collection Wine Glasses and Young Wine Decanter are mouth-blown by master craftspeople in Slovenia, using beautifully bright, exceptionally light, lead-free crystal. In the case of the glasses, the time-honoured craft produces a particularly fine rim, which minimises the amount of glass that comes between the wine and the palate. Using only lead-free crystalline ensures that each piece is light, ultra-fine and durable against clouding.

To celebrate the coming together of friends and family this Christmas, Luxury London has partnered with Richard Brendon to give away a complete Jancis Robinson Collection set worth £395. The set includes six glasses, a Young Wine Decanter and a polishing cloth to keep the fine crystal sparkling. To enter, simply fill out the form below by 24 December 2022.

Good luck, and cheers!

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