Cold Brew Negroni cocktail recipe by Lavazza

01 Feb 2024 | Updated on: 16 Feb 2024 |By Annie Lewis

Perk up the first day of February with this buzzy negroni infused with Lavazza coffee

The negroni, made of equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari, served on the rocks and typically garnished with orange peel, dates back to the 1940s. With origins in Florence – when, in 1919, bartender Fosco Scarselli created the tipple for the Count Camillo Negroni at Caffè Casoni – it’s now one of the most famous serves in the world and appears on cocktail menus throughout the capital. However, it’s also a cocktail subject to imagination and, therefore, variation.

Negroni sbagliato – Italian for ‘mistaken negroni’ – uses prosecco instead of gin, whereas the lighter white negroni uses Lillet blanc and Suze to give the strong tipple a fruitier taste. Another iteration, however, comes courtesy of Lavazza: the Italian coffee brand which opened its London flagship on Soho‘s Great Marlborough Street last month. Its Cold Brew negroni is a refreshing and sophisticated twist on the classic cocktail, infused with fresh-roasted coffee made exclusively for Lavazza’s flagship.

“Our coffee seemed like the perfect fit to elevate this classic Italian cocktail which has become an Aperitivo Icon on our menu,” says David Culter, head of training at Lavazza. “The smooth blend of flavours from the Campari, Gin Bankes, Vermouth Bianco Cinzano 1757 and the hint of Barolo Chinato infused with our speciality 1895 coffee creates a layered complexity worthy of Count Negroni himself; a refined but perfect pick-me-up cocktail to enjoy in our flagship or at home.” Here’s how to do the latter.


Cold Brew Negroni

  • Serves 1


  • Campari 30ml
  • Vermouth Bianco 25ml
  • Gin 25ml
  • Barolo Chinato 10ml
  • Coffee beans (ground) 5g


  1. Add all the ingredients into a suitable container and stir until all coffee grounds are soaked.
  2. Cover and leave to infuse for 16 hours.
  3. Strain liquid through a coffee filter paper such as Toddy or Chemex to clarify.
  4. Pour over plenty of ice in a tumbler.

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