Louis XIII The Infinity Wheel

Introducing the Louis XIII Infinity Experience

20 Nov 2023 | Updated on: 23 Nov 2023 |By Hitanshi Kamdar

Hot foot it down to Harrods to experience sustainable luxury with Louis XIII’s tempting cognac

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Louis XIII

Chances are sustainability isn’t top of mind when you’re pouring yourself a well-earned tipple at the end of a long day but, for pioneering cognac house Louis XIII, it’s become quite the preoccupation. The legendary French cognac house has long been famed for its beautiful crystal decanters and, with the introduction of its new Infinity Experience, they will now live on, well, infinitely, thanks to this elegant environmentally-friendly refill ritual.

Beloved by connoisseurs around the world for its carefully aged blend crafted from the eaux-de-vie of Cognac Grande Champagne since 1874, the Louis XIII Infinity Experience is available in the UK exclusively at Harrods, as well as at the house’s boutiques in Cognac and Beijing.

The ritual starts with the exquisite mouthblown and handcrafted decanter, which can now be returned empty to the Louis XIII boutique at Harrods, from which it is sent to be meticulously inspected, cleaned and resealed. Once back at Harrods, the specially-developed Infinity Wheel is set in motion to refill the decanter with cognac in a mesmerising experience. Refill capsules containing the precious mahogany-hued spirit are poured into the now-pristine decanter which is finished with a specially engraved medal transferred from the refill capsule.

Louis XIII The Infinity Experience

The refill experience is instigated by the owner making it a deeply inclusive and personal event that immerses the owner in the savoir-faire of Louis XIII and its sustainability goals. This initiative also reflects the house’s unwavering commitment to protect its terroir, create a sense of community and celebrate the value of time.

“We are extremely proud to introduce the world’s first refill experience in the luxury spirit industry making it possible for Louis XIII to be refilled away from its birthplace in Cognac for the first time in history,” says Anne-Laure Pressat, executive director of Louis XIII. “The innovation demonstrates our commitment to our vision of thinking a century ahead, and forms part of a series of commitments in Louis XIII’s quest for Sustainable Exception, safeguarding the brand and driving forward sustainability across the luxury spirits industry.”

Louis XIII The Infinity Experience Decanter

Louis XIII’s sustainability ethos has also driven a new design for the classic decanter coffret. Crafted from 100 per cent recyclable cellulosic materials, each coffret is now lighter and smaller while retaining the iconic design and heritage.

Sustainable luxury has never been more appealing.

Exclusively available at the Louis XIII boutique at Harrods, visit uk.louisxiii-cognac.com for more information.