met gala 2024 red carpet
Image: Alamy

The best looks from the Met Gala 2024 red carpet

06 May 2024 | Updated on: 07 May 2024 |By Zoe Gunn

Join us for fashion's biggest night out as we bring you all action live from the Met Gala 2024 red carpet

Grab your couture, it’s the first Monday in May and, as absolutely no fashion fan will need telling, that means just one thing: it’s time for the Met Gala 2024 red carpet. The biggest, most extravagant sartorial night out of the year, the Met Gala is ostensibly held to raise money for the Anna Wintour Costume Center at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. In reality, however, it’s a chance for fashion designers to flex their muscles and celebrities to get seriously dressed up in some of the most incredible outfits you’re likely to see this year.

As ever, the Met Gala 2024 red carpet takes its cues from this year’s headline Costume Center exhibition, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, with attendees being instructed to create outfits around the theme ‘The Garden of Time’ – a reference to a JG Ballard story. This provides some clues as to the looks which may be on display this evening. Archival and vintage pieces are almost guaranteed, fairytale references are also highly likely, as are some truly groundbreaking florals for spring.

So, will we see Moschino sending some unsuspecting starlet down the red carpet dressed as a giant garden spade? Who will nab an archival trellis-embellished Dior gown? Having already attended dressed as light-up Cinderella, what show-stopping confection will Zendaya, one of the co-chairs of this year’s event, pull out of the bag this time? Join us as we bring you all the must-see looks live from the Met Gala 2024 red carpet.

Elizabeth Debicki in Dior

elizabeth debicki dior met gala

Image: Dior/Getty Images

Debicki says her aim with this look was to combine a reverence for classic fashion with a contemporary edge and, on the whole, I think she’s been pretty successful. Without the headpiece it could have fallen a little flat but the combined effect of the colour, the draping and relatively minimal styling is rather striking.

FKA Twigs, Stella McCartney, Ed Sheeran and Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney

fkw twigs, stella mccartney, ed sheeran and cara delvingne met gala

Image: Stella McCartney/Vrai

Affectionately naming themselves the ‘Brits abroad’, the theme for Stella McCartney and her trio of stars was diamonds. Specifically, sustainable lab-grown diamonds which offered an interesting forward-looking spin on the theme. McCartney worked with lab-grown diamonds specialist Vrai on the dazzling pieces, with Delevingne’s chainmail-style hooded top a real highlight.

Phoebe Dynevor in Victoria Beckham

phoebe dynevor victoria beckham

Image: Bucherer

Somehow it’s taken Victoria Beckham 16 years to create her first custom red carpet gown – and here it is. There’s possible a little too much going on with the bodice ruching but the neckline is interesting and the skirt is very pretty and romantic, which suits Dynevor down to the ground. Keeping styling simple with some elegant Bucherer jewellery was a smart move.

Michelle Yeoh in Balenciaga

michelle yeoh balenciaga met gala

I’m not entirely sure what the connection to the theme is here but she looks fabulous. Yes, she looks like she’s wearing a load of tinfoil but she’s got the grace and sophistication to somehow make that seem like a good idea. Sure, she should have left the watch at home, especially when it’s been paired with some serious high jewellery by Cindy Chao, but overall I’m a fan.

Eddie Redmayne in Steve O Smith

eddie redmayne met gala 2024

Image: Omega/Getty Images

Undoubtedly one of the best men’s looks of the evening – not least because Redmayne’s wife was wearing a matching Steve O Smith dress. Inspired by Cy Twombly’s Peony series, this is an interesting and highly technical interpretation, especially given the organza skirt can be detached from the coat and replaced with traditional wool trousers. It’s a testament to Redmayne’s modelling skills that the masculine finishing touches of Oxfords and an Omega Seamaster watch don’t look minutely out of place here.

Usher in Alexander McQueen

usher alexander mcqueen met

Image: Alexander McQueen

Embroidered black coats and capes were something of a trend among the men at the Met Gala 2024. This is a particularly dramatic take on the silhouette but, while I love the gory glamour of the melting rose, the leather cowboy hat looks a little out of place. It’s hard to see here but the glittering suit underneath is pretty great too.

Karlie Kloss in Swarovski

karlie kloss swarovski met gala

Image: Getty Images

Swarovski made its first foray into the world of high fashion and the Met Gala, creating five custom (and seriously sparkly) looks for some of its favourite models. Inspired by the crystal flower that holds the Garden of Time in its spell in Ballard’s story, Kloss’ gown features 180,000 crystals while the bodice features a separate corset created with a further 60,000 crystals.

Colman Domingo in Willy Chavarria

colman domingo met gala

Image: IWC/Getty Images

Volume is an easy way to turn heads on a red carpet with as much competition as the Met Gala – especially when paired with tailoring of this calibre. The cream jacket was a nice point of difference from the largely dark looks worn by other men (and complements the lilies) while the exaggerated width of the trousers really suits him. The IWC watch is a stunner.

Cardi B in Widowsen

cardi b met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

Cardi B was never going to turn up to the Met Gala in something demure and understated but she easily took home the award for the biggest dress of the event. In fact, it took eight men to carry her skirts into the venue. The voluminous tulle gown was inspired by a black rose and finished with a towering black turban and stonking emerald and diamond jewellery. Consider this diva’s job done.

Kim Kardashian in Maison Margiela

kim kardashian maison margiela

Image: Alamy

This is Kim Kardashian’s eleventh time attending the Met Gala and, in all honestly, one of her better looks. Or at least one that’s unlikely to spark memes (the Mrs Doubtfire/floral sofa body con) or outrage (the history-destroying Marilyn Monroe gown). Do I understand the point of the Flashdance-style shrug? No, not really, especially when it’s hiding what is actually a pretty stunning piece of classic corsetry and some gorgeous floral chainmail.

Lana Del Rey in Alexander McQueen

lana del rey alexander mcqueen

Image: Alexander McQueen

A perfect combination of dress and wearer. This is a fairytale as seen through the gothic beauty of Lee McQueen and reinterpreted by current creative director Seán McGirr. Inspired by archival McQueen pieces, it incorporates bronze bullion embellishments and real hawthorn branches; this is a gown that deserves its own place in a museum.

Naomi Campbell and Daniel Lee in Burberry

naomi campbell and daniel lee burberry

Image: Burberry

There are more than 50,000 sequins on this dress. I tell you this because, frankly, there’s not a huge amount more to say about it. The colour is lovely and it fits her like a glove but you get the sense Naomi Campbell is a bit over this high-end fancy dress lark.

Barry Keoghan in Burberry

barry keoghan burberry met gala

Image: Burberry

Someone very much not over the high-end fancy dress lark? Barry Keoghan. Yes, his look lands somewhere between Mr Darcy and the Artful Dodger but at least it’s fun and on theme. The top hat may have been taking things a step too far but kudos on pulling off that very unforgiving colour.

Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga

nicole kidman

Image: Harry Winston/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman leant into the ‘reimagining fashion’ portion of this evening’s theme, working with Balenciaga creative director Demna to recreate an original 1950s Cristobal Balenciaga design she had seen in a Richard Avedon photograph. It’s a classic Hollywood look, perfectly complemented by Harry Winston diamonds, and actually a refreshing change from all the florals.

Lewis Hamilton in Burberry

lewis hamilton burberry met gala

Image: Burberry

This may not look like much at first glance but Lewis Hamilton’s Burberry ensemble is perhaps one of the most thoughtful of the evening. The periwinkles, yucca, daffodils, and cedar branches embroidered on the coat are inspired by the language of flowers in Black history, as well as the life of John Ystumllyn – the first Black man in Wales and a talented gardener. Inside the coat is a quote from The Gardener – a poem by Black Welsh post Alex Wharton inspired by Ystumllyn.

Demi Moore in Harris Reed

demi moore met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

This may be a fairly straightforward interpretation of the theme but that doesn’t make it any less of a showstopper. British designer Harris Reed has become known for his highly sculptural pieces that straddle the border between art and fashion and, after this, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone is clamouring to be dressed by him next year. Let’s hope for Moore’s sake, however, that those arrows can be removed come dinner time.

Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne

gigi hadid met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

Thom Browne can always be relied upon to create something that is at once conceptual and utterly beautiful and he hasn’t disappointed with this dress – which took an astonishing 5,000 hours to make. Look closely and you’ll see that those are not, in fact, ruffles forming the bottom of Hadid’s gown but the lapels and sleeves of a surrealist jacket (not unlike those worn by haute couture’s petit mains). I’m not convinced the Marilyn Monroe glam was the right way to go here but she looks like she’s having a ball.

Zendaya in Maison Margiela by John Galliano

zendaya met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

On another wearer this could be an absolute mess but Zendaya looks fantastic. Yes, she has the poise of a supermodel but, importantly, she’s also really leaned into the dark drama of the gown – which is inspired by a couture gown Galliano created during his time at Dior. It takes a special kind of fashion nous to put on that dress and that millinery and that make up and decide the perfect finishing touch is glueing a hummingbird to your neck.

Jodie Turner-Smith in Burberry

jodie turner-smith burberry

Image: Burberry

British garden flowers, including daisies and roses, form the basis for this ethereal Burberry gown. Featuring floaty phantom tulle layered over a crystal mesh dress, it’s a beautiful, romantic interpretation of the theme. No complaints here.

Zoe Saldana, Emma Mackay, Greta Gerwig, Chemena Kamali and Sienna Miller in Chloé

Zoe Saldana, from left, Emma Mackey, Greta Gerwig, Chemena Kamali and Sienna Miller met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

The Chloé girls have arrived! What form of witchcraft did creative director Chemena Kamali use to convince Zoe Saldana and Emma Mackay to attend the Met Gala a) in the same outfit and b) in an outfit that seems to have very little to do with the theme of the evening? They all look very pretty – and the likelihood is these are all archival pieces – but it’s lacking the impact the Met Gala demands.

Gwendoline Christie in Maison Margiela by John Galliano

gwendoline christie met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

Gwendoline Christie is one of the hosts of the evening’s red carpet livestream and, if this is the kind of theatrics she has planned, we’re in for a treat. Christie’s look is inspired by blood oranges but is serving full ‘wicked step-mother’ – which is absolutely the perfect choice for her. That gravity-defying hair (a reference to the Sleeping Beauties show) is going to take some beating.

Jennifer Lopez in Schiaparelli

jennifer lopez met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

This is just… fine. J.Lo is one of the Met Gala 2024’s co-chairs so I get it – she’ll be meeting and greeting, she doesn’t need to drag around 500kg of train all night. Equally, the whole vibe of this look just feels a bit stale. The Tiffany jewellery is gorgeous but we’ve been seeing looks like this on the Grammys red carpet for years – the Met Gala deserved better.

Bad Bunny in Maison Margiela

bad bunny met gala 2024

Image: Alamy

Now we’re talking. Also one of this evening’s co-chairs, Bad Bunny is showing his fellow men how it’s done (Chris Hemsworth, who turned up in a beige suit so boring I probably won’t even include him in this list, could take a lesson or two). A Shakespearean silhouette with a nod to the bespoke tailoring process and a finishing touch of pinstripe florals so fully fits this year’s brief I can but applaud.

Lily Donaldson and Roberto Bolle in Burberry

roberto bolle lily donaldson burberry

Image: Burberry

Given the theme of the night was ‘reimagining fashion’, it does feel like a missed opportunity that something more interesting wasn’t done with that Burberry trench, but he looks good overall. Donaldson’s dress references the crystal motif of the JG Ballard story via embroidered sequinned threads. The textural effect is aesthetically pleasing but this certainly won’t be the most talked about look of the evening.