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Hidden gem: Why Curaçao is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret

18 Oct 2023 | |By Hitanshi Kamdar

The beauty of Curaçao is often overlooked - but with expert advice and guidance from Caribbean Island Properties you could experience its vibrance from your own private haven

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Caribbean Island Properties

Oh, the joys of island life. Dreamy sunsets, lazily sipped piña coladas, white sandy beaches, and a resounding absence of the dreaded email alert. And where better to get on island time than in the Caribbean? But, while a Caribbean escape may usually conjure images of Bahamian beaches, isn’t it time you tried somewhere different? 

The often overlooked Dutch Caribbean destinations of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao promise a unique island adventure. Dotting the northern tip of South America, Aruba has historically overshadowed the popularity of Curaçao and Bonaire – but no longer. Curaçao (pronounced: ku-rah-sou) is fast establishing itself as a must-visit Caribbean destination thanks to its gorgeous landscapes, vibrant culture, and stunning villas from the likes of Caribbean Island Properties, that make it the ideal location to soak up some winter sun.

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What makes Curaçao special?

As you would expect of a Caribbean island paradise, Curaçao has an abundance of beaches to explore – from Cas Abao’s waving palm trees and reefs to Klein Curaçao’s stranded shipwrecks, the sandy vistas are sure to impress. In fact, there are over 38 beaches from which to discover Curaçao’s famous turquoise waters. Visit the south coast for vibrant beaches surrounded by restaurants, bars and beach clubs, or head west for more intimate, quiet beaches hidden in beautiful hillside bays. 

But this Dutch Caribbean island’s most enticing draw is its diverse population guaranteed to ensure a dushi (meaning ‘sweet’ in the native Papiamentu) welcome. A melting pot of cultures, this diversity has given rise to a rich food and culture scene on the island. Tap into delectable local flavours at the food market in the capital, Willemstad, with a hearty karni stoba (beef stew) or stop by Curaçao’s famous snack bars, or snèks, for a pastechi (savoury pastry). Intersperse your culinary adventures by taking in Willemstad’s vibrant street art and murals or embark on an art walk to discover the work of local artists, including Yubi Kirindongo’s recycled treasures or Nena Sanchez’s bright canvases. The island is also steeped in history — Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the island is dotted with numerous forts and many colourful Dutch architectural style buildings, some even dating back to the 18th Century.

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Holiday homes in Curaçao

Whether you’re keen to explore the natural wonders of the island, sample the local produce, or party during carnival, Curaçao definitely deserves to be bumped up your travel bucket list. But chances are, once you visit, you may not want to leave this beautiful island. Happily, thanks to local real estate expert Caribbean Island Properties, a slice of your own personal paradise has never been closer.

Caribbean Island Properties makes owning a home abroad easy. Armed with experience and on-the-ground knowledge, it helps buyers find their dream property abroad while also guiding them through the process of converting it into a holiday rental if desired. So where does it recommend you buy now? The company’s newest development, Laman, seems incredibly promising.

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Laman, Curaçao

Located in Jan Thiel on the southwestern coast of Curaçao, Laman is nestled amidst rolling hills and beautiful beaches, with a varied restaurant and nightlife offering close by. Not that you’ll need to step out as a resident of Laman. The resort-style residential development boasts an exclusive private beachfront concept, with its own stylish bar and restaurants with luxury hotel-style service and amenities.

The sprawling property boasts three distinct turn-key residences: Kiwa Luxury Apartments, Strea Luxury Hill Villas, and Pelikan Luxury Water Villas. Kiwa Apartments offers an exquisite beachfront experience with elegant two-bedroom residences and private balconies while the larger three-bedroom Strea Hill Villas overlook the panoramic vistas towards the famous ‘Spaanse Waters’ and provide a serene escape thanks to private infinity pools. Those seeking a true ocean lifestyle, meanwhile, can opt for a Pelikan Water villa, a stunning and unique over-water bungalow designed to blend into the surrounding sea.

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Pure luxury, comfort and style

An elevated residential development, Laman’s spacious homes are exquisitely designed with a coterie of luxurious furnishings and amenities to enhance the experience for its residents and guests alike. Mirroring the natural surroundings it’s nestled within, the custom cabinetry, millwork, and flooring throughout the homes have been carefully crafted with wood, stone, and other natural materials to create an organic space. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail extend to every element of the home with lighting, furniture, and even window treatments hand-selected to beautifully blend aesthetics and function. Long-lasting materials are picked for timelessly modern and warm yet resilient spaces.

Elevated residential services

Laman will be managed by a high-end luxury property management company, promising guests a myriad of services to enjoy. Along with core services, such as a dedicated concierge, 24-hour security, and on-demand housekeeping, residents can also choose from a variety of bespoke and tailored lifestyle services, including child care, an activity desk, catering and special events planning, among others. Laman’s service offering is guaranteed to ensure a pleasant, comfortable and truly special stay for every guest. 

Investing in a property abroad can be intimidating, but with Caribbean Island Properties guiding your journey, it couldn’t be simpler to create a personal haven in Curaçao. With a strong economy, gorgeous vistas, visa-free access for citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and the European Union, in addition to appealing tax benefits for international buyers, investing in Curaçao sounds like a dushi deal indeed.

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