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The best luxury bedding to invest in now – and how to make it last

28 Feb 2024 | |By Annie Lewis

Elevate your interiors with a luxury bedding set designed to give you the best night’s sleep of your life

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how much time we were all spending at home, luxury bedding companies saw a surge in sales during the pandemic. But even as we emerged from government-imposed restrictions, the trend of investing in high-end homewares and interiors didn’t get left behind. Today, sheets, duvets and pillowcases are as key to a bedroom’s look as the designer bed frames they drape, crafted from luxe materials, such as organic cotton and linen, to create fashionable patterns that are worthy of showing off.

So, when did we all go bedding mad? “Over the past few years, making our homes a place of sanctuary and rest has become even more prevalent, and our bedrooms even more so,” explains Jessica Hanley, founder of British luxury bedding company Piglet in Bed. “By investing in quality bedding, you’re more likely to experience a better sleep hygiene routine, spend more time winding down, and as a result, experience a better quality of sleep – something which most of us are striving to prioritise.” 

Hanley founded her business in 2017 from her mother’s home in West Sussex with just a small range of linen bedding, and saw a 50 per cent increase in sales during the pandemic. Now with 30 employees, profit margins in the millions, a second base in Illinois to cater for the US market and an ever-expanding range of bedding (you’ve no doubt spotted its gingham linen on Instagram) and products (the range now includes towels and table linens too), Piglet in Bed is just one example of how the luxury bedding industry is booming. 

From organic cotton iterations to summer-suited linen, and bright gingham patterns to clean neutral colours, there are plenty of designs and materials to choose from – but they come with investment-worthy price tags. So if you’re considering adding a new duvet cover and pair of pillowcases to your shopping basket, read on for Hanley’s advice on the importance of quality bedding, what to look for when you’re shopping and how you can make it last – as well as our favourite luxury sets to shop now. 

What impact does quality bedding have on your sleep? 

Quality bedding made from natural materials such as linen and cotton has a number of benefits that aid better sleep. Hanley explains: “Linen, for instance, has thermoregulating properties, keeping you really cosy during autumn and winter, but also nice and cool in the summer. It’s beautifully breathable as its long natural fibres allow hot air to flow freely through the fabric, while it will also wick away sweat as you sleep. 

“Both of these in-built qualities will ultimately have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep, keeping your body temperature more stable as you snooze. Not to mention its natural crinkles make it so inviting, evoking the same calming feelings that arise when you spend time in nature.”

How should you care for sheets, duvets and pillowcases to ensure they last longer?

“In order to effectively remove natural body oils and dirt from your bed linen, wash your linen at a gentle 40 degrees, which is perfectly adequate and is less energy consuming than  higher washing temperatures,” says Hanley. “We don’t recommend the use of fabric softener on our linen bedding as it can leave a coating on the fabric which can lead to a build-up of residue, weakening of the fibres. As linen is a natural fabric, it will naturally soften over time of its own accord, so you can skip the softener. 

“When it comes to drying the easiest and most energy efficient way to dry your sheets is to hang on a line outdoors, when the weather allows, but keep an eye on darker linens as the sun can bleach fabrics. If drying your linens outdoors isn’t an option, then tumble dry on low or an airer inside and inside out where possible, to maximise their lifespan.”

The best luxury bedding sets to buy now

Piglet in Bed

This nostalgic gingham print is one of Piglet in Bed’s bestsellers, and comes in a variety of hues (our favourite is the soft-grey mushroom). Crafted in Portugal from high-quality European linen, the bedding bundles – including two pillowcases and a duvet cover – are both soft and breathable. It’s also oeko-tex certified, meaning it’s free from nasty chemicals, and arrives pre-washed so you can whip them straight on your bed. 

From £248
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Joro Home

If you’re after a company that takes its eco-credentials seriously, Joro is your go-to, given it considers its material’s lifespan from start to finish, right down to the repurposed coconut shell buttons on its bedding. Crafted from soft percale – made from organic cotton grown without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms – 100 per cent linen, satin weaves or, oeko-tex recycled polyester, there’s plenty of materials to choose from and customers are even asked about their preferred thread count. Once you’ve got over the technicalities, pick from a range of pastel and neutral hues that won’t look out of place in any minimalist’s bedroom. 

From £85
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Soho Home

Also using European linen and Portuguese products, Soho Home’s Luna duvet cover is crafted from breathable and durable linen that is individually cut and sewn, before being dyed and stonewashed to create a soft, unique and relaxed drape. 

From £145
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Famous for its simple and carefully-curated edits of functional fashion and homewares, Toast’s luxury bedding does not disappoint. The new fine stripe duvet cover, which can be purchased alongside a fitted sheet and pillowcases, is made from 100 per cent organic cotton and crafted ethically in India. The set is big on the small touches, featuring embroidered linear motifs and finished with mother-of-pearl buttons.

From £115
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