Bloomsbury Club Bar

Step into Ancient Egypt at The Bloomsbury Club Bar

31 Jan 2024 | Updated on: 09 Feb 2024 |By Hitanshi Kamdar

The innovative bar’s newest menu blends Egyptian mysticism with world-class mixology

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Fact: London is home to some of the best bars in the world. But what makes a great bar really special? While a great drink is a given, it’s often the ambience and experience that sets the truly amazing bars apart. Imagine, for example, being transported back in time to the mystical world of Ancient Egypt by a unique drink that looks as good as it tastes – served in the seriously sumptuous surrounds of The Bloomsbury Club Bar. Sounds better than a night of pints at the local, doesn’t it?

Nestled beneath The Bloomsbury Hotel on Great Russell Street and decked out in glamorous Twenties-inspired decor, The Bloomsbury Club Bar might not have anything in common with Ancient Egypt at first glance. However, with its latest cocktail concept, the bar has tapped into the mystical allure of symbols and stories commonly associated with ancient Egypt. 

Forget anything as mundane as scanning the menu to pick a cocktail: the bar offers a unique pyramid and pendulum contraption designed to help you choose your perfect serve. Simply suspend the pendulum and let it sway until it stops atop a sarcophagus which can be cracked open to reveal a hieroglyph depicting the drink fate has chosen for you.

The menu includes cocktails crafted to pay homage to Ancient Egyptian mythology. Reflecting the bold and powerful god Anubis, try a potent concoction made with Remy Martin 1738 Royal Accord Cognac and Amaro Nardini infused with the sweetness of dates and the spice of cardamom bitters. Then there’s the Ren: a crystal clear blend designed to help you find clarity and identity. Mixing aged Whistle Pig 10-year-old rye whiskey, D.O.M Benedictine, and Tio Pepe Fino sherry enriched with caramel miso and hojicha tea, notes of anise and chocolate bitters make for a compellingly tasty tipple. 

If your preferences trend towards sparkling cocktails, consider the effervescent Manu, inspired by the land where the sun god Ra rests every evening. A combination of sweet and sour citrus notes, the cocktail is crafted with Belvedere X Vodka, fig sauternes, honey vanilla salep, and champagne. Elsewhere, the soulful Ka combines Lost Explorer Espadin mezcal with green coffee beans, pineapple, lime, and a coconut and rosemary agave.

And as for that ambience we mentioned? This plush underground den is replete with bar bites, live music, and a twinkling outdoor grotto to make sure your evening is one to remember. Chin chin!

The Ancient Egypt-inspired menu will be available at The Bloomsbury Club Bar from February 2024. Book now.