Gymkhana reopens with an exclusive VIP dinner

Dominic Jeffares

13 February 2020

Guests at the Mayfair haunt included Stanley Tucci, Lara Stone, Isaac Carew and Eric Underwood

13 February 2020 | Dominic Jeffares

What: Gymkhana launch party and VIP private dinner

When: 12th February, 2020 

Where: Gymkhana, 42 Albemarle Street, Mayfair 

Who: Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt, Lara Stone, David Grievson, Amrita Acharia, Luke Edward Hall, Phoebe Collings James, Zezi Ifore, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Toby Sebastian, Mark Stanley, Eric Underwood, Isaac Carew, Tom York, Ciara Charteris, Vanessa White, Donna Ida, Francesca Allen, Tracy Sedino, Aziya Aldridge-Moore, Sagar Radia, Alicia Rountree and Pietro Boselli

Two days prior to Valentine's, much love was shown to the founders of Gymkhana; Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi hosted Hollywood’s A-list, British actors, fashion elite and celebrity fans for a private dinner to celebrate its highly anticipated reopening following an extensive refurbishment. Inspired by the elite clubs of India where members of high society eat and drink and play sport, the restaurant has been synonymous with classic and contemporary, boldly spiced chatpatta Indian food since it won its first star in 2014 and past noteworthy fans include David Beckham, Ed Sheeran, Chloe Moretz and James Corden. 

The night saw guests welcomed with annat intimate cocktail and Champagne reception before making their way downstairs to the newly redesigned lower-ground floor with hues of peach and Kashmiri chili red surrounded by a showcase of artwork from India. Guests enjoyed a four-course feast, prepared by executive chef, Jitin Joshi including some of Gymkhana’s iconic dishes such as dosa, chettinad duck, coconut chutney and wild muntjac biryani, pomegranate and mint raita and new additions such as Indo-Chinese chilli halibut.

The private dinner is part of a week-long celebration at the Mayfair destination that will see celebrity fans come through its doors before reopening to the public on 18th February 2020.

Amrita Acharia
Alicia Rountree and Eric Underwood
Aziya Aldridge Moore
David Grievson & Lara Stone
Duncan Campbell & Luke Edward Hall
Eric Underwood, Oliver Proudlock and Isaac Carew
Lara Stone & Pietro Boselli
Vanessa White and Francesca Allen
Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt
Phoebe Collings-James, Zezi Ifore & Donna Ida
Tom York & Ciara Charteris