the best at home workouts lululemon
the best at home workouts lululemon

The best at-home bodyweight workouts for beginners on YouTube

13 Jan 2021 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

Beat the lockdown blues and boost your self-esteem with these full-body beginner bodyweight workouts – no experience needed

According to the Office of National Statistics, the Covid-19 pandemic has left one-in-two of us struggling to control our anxiety levels. The NHS recommends performing two-and-a-half hours of moderate-intensity activity each week to help manage stress and depression.

Yet with gyms and health clubs closed, and exercising outside of your local area banned, scheduling a regular exercise routine while juggling home-schooling and working-from-home can feel like a marathon all of its own.

Thank the fitness Gods, then, for YouTube, where you’ll find a selection of workout sessions (over 75 million, to be precise) to fit around your schedule while your gym membership remains on freeze.

The following free workouts require no equipment or previous experience. They combine yoga, Pilates, HIIT and calisthenics, utilising your bodyweight to burn fat and build muscle while injecting a much-need boost to your self-esteem.

So, slide over that coffee table, grab the spouse and get moving.

Shape’s 10-minute full-body workout with Nicole Scherzinger

American healthy-living magazine Shape and celebrity personal trainer Paolo Mascitti have teamed up with former Pussy Cat Doll and fitness fanatic Nicole Scherzinger to bring you a full-body workout that can be completed in just 10 minutes. Substitute dumbbells for bottles of water for a session that targets every major muscle group and which will continue to burn calories long after you’ve fist-bumped Scherzinger goodbye.

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Women’s Health’s 20-minute cardio workout with Davina McCall

TV-presenter-turned-fitness-icon Davina McCall knows a thing or two about getting the most out of your body. The Masked Singer UK star – and ultra-triathlon competitor – transformed her physique in her late 40s through a combination of clean eating and clever exercise. Here, the former Big Brother host joins BlendFit founder Sarah Gorman for a 20-minute, whole-body cardio blast in association with Women’s Health magazine.

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Adidas Women’s 12-minute HIIT workout with Maya Jama

London-based trainer Adrienne Herbert puts radio DJ and TV presenter Maya Jama through her paces in this quick, at-home HIIT workout in partnership with Adidas Women. HIIT exercises can burn hundreds of calories in less than 15 minutes, and ensure that your body continues to burn them throughout the day. This 12-minute session powers through eight challenging moves – including planks, mountain climbers and jumping jacks – to target your entire body. If you don’t have a resistance band for the lat pulldowns, simply use a dressing gown cord or rolled-up towel.

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Lululemon’s 45-minute bodyweight workout

The coronavirus may have claimed some of the biggest names on the High Street but the pandemic hasn’t been a catastrophe for the entire fashion industry. Lululemon, first among the world’s leading athleisure brands, saw its share price rise to an all-time high in 2020. Unsurprisingly for a brand with every finger on the zeitgeist, the activewear outfitter has been releasing a variety of at-home workout videos on YouTube during the past 12 months. This 45-minute session suits all fitness levels, combining HIIT and LIIT bodyweight exercises and a five-minute stretch session to cool things down.

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Joe Wicks’ 20-minute 2021 Kickstarter workout

Cookbook kingpin and the nation’s unofficial PE teacher, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, returned to YouTube this week, live streaming three 20-minute classes aimed at restless kids (and thankful parents, no doubt). When his YouTube channel exploded during the first lockdown (2.6 million subscribers and counting), Wicks announced he was giving all the money he made through advertising to the NHS. Little wonder he’s become something of national treasure. Wicks dropped this workout at the start of January. Two rounds of 10 moves provide a “barn burner” of a session.

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Love Sweat Fitness’ 45-minute full-body sculpting workout

After losing more than three stone, Katie Dunlop decided to set up Love Sweat Fitness in 2014 as a way of sharing healthy meals and killer workouts. Over 660,000 fans have subsequently subscribed to Dunlop’s YouTube channel to follow her full-body toning workouts. There’s no equipment needed for this 45-minute wide-ranging drill, which can be completed at two different levels. Feel the burn as it targets your abs, bum and tum.

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Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 7-minute 7-day challenge to lose belly fat

Online personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read has more than 1,000 free, at-home workouts on YouTube, ranging from walking-at-home tutorials to full-body exercise guides. If you’re finding yourself strapped for time during lockdown, Wyndham-Read’s seven-minute HIIT workouts might prove handy. Her seven-minutes-a-day, seven-day challenge aims to burn belly fat and take inches from your waist. If you can dedicate a little more time to your daily exercise, see her YouTube channel for longer, calisthenics-based sessions.

To complete Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 7-day challange, please click here.

MadFit’s 20-minute full-body workout for total beginners

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram and more than five million subscribers on YouTube, it’s fair to say that Maddie Lymburner, the personal trainer behind MadFit, has amassed quite the army of acolytes. Since the coronavirus pandemic forced us to stay indoors, the 25-year-old Canadian has been making more ‘total beginner’ workouts. This 20-minute session requires no equipment and targets the whole body. It’s been designed for complete novices or former fitness fans who are looking to get back into a fitness routine.

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Blogilates’ POP Pilates 25-minute workout for beginners

Cassey Ho is the brains (and muscle) behind Blogilates, the YouTube channel dedicated to at-home fitness workouts. Her POP Pilates series (Pilates set to contemporary music) launched on her channel in 2009 and has since been rolled out as live classes in gyms across the world, with more than 3,000 POP Pilates classes taught monthly during non-pandemic times. This 25-minute beginner’s workout will see you learn the core Pilates principles of proper breathing, form and posture, while working your abs, legs and arms.

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8Fit’s 9-minute HIIT workout for beginners

No time? No drama. 8fit’s HIIT workout for beginners is just nine-minutes long and takes you through five HIIT exercises repeated three times, including arm pulses, squats and high planks. The subscription-based app offers a host of at-home workouts, healthy recipes and a customisable meal plan to guide you on your fitness journey. A number of taster videos are also available to view on its Youtube channel.

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Heather Robertson’s 30-minute HIIT workout with no jumping

Those who live in apartments or struggle with their joints will be pleased to hear of this HIIT workout by Youtube fitness guru Heather Robertson. The low-impact style means absolutely no jumping, but the 30-minute full body workout will still get your heart pumping. Follow along as Robertson takes you through two back-to-back sets of six 45-second exercises, with a 15-second break between each one. An on-screen timer and coordinating countdown noise is included in the video, so you can easily keep up without having to keep one eye on the screen at the same time.

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Joanna Soh’s total-body strength workout without weights

All the idea but none of the gear? Joanna Soh’s strength training for women session is designed to build muscle using only your bodyweight to act as resistance — no weights required. The total body workout takes you through four sets of seven exercises (knee tucks, squats, lunges and planks all present and correct) repeated 20, 15, 10 and 5 times. The goal, Joanna says? To complete the workout in the shortest time possible.

For Joanna Soh’s 30-day at-home workout plan, please click here.

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