2024 wellness trends

2024 wellness trends: The health and fitness movements to know about this year

02 Jan 2024 | |By Kari Colmans

From AI fitness to embracing a slower pace and getting closer to nature, these are the trends will be taking over our workouts this year

From fad fasting to freezing showers, the nation has become obsessed with health and fitness. But 2024’s wellness trends are all about moving beyond extremes and embracing a kinder understanding of what wellbeing can mean this year. From creating good habits, to reconnecting with nature, as well as looking after our most vital organs, you’ll be inspired to let go, loosen up, and lessen the pace – while advancing AI keeps you in check.

Growth Mindset

With so many burning out from, well, working out, the mindset that being healthy doesn’t always take hard work looks likely to gain even more traction in 2024. Many are looking to regain calm and relaxation in their lives, with a focus on adventure and fun, while also prioritising rest. The idea is that, in creating good habits as part of your day-to-day routine, you will naturally benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

For example, international TedX speaker and the woman behind The Power Hour book and podcast, Adrienne Herbert’s message is simple: taking an hour for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential. This January, guests can join Herbert in building a growth mindset, forming good habits, and understanding the importance of daily movement at The Grove’s Sequoia Spa, just outside London. With overnight and day pass tickets available, Herbert will combine her workshop on achieving an optimal performance mindset with Pilates, mobility and stretching sessions, with all guests receiving a copy of The Power Hour and an eco-conscious Fable Yoga mat to take home.

The Power Hour Workshop with Adrienne Herbert from £130 per person, overnight retreat from £384, thegrove.co.uk

Contrast Therapy

Rosewood Mayakoba spa

Contrast therapy began trending in health circles in 2023 and is set to continue into next year – but taken to the extreme. Derived from the abundant benefits of exposing the body to hot and cold temperatures in swift succession, it is known to enhance circulation, relieve tension, improve immunity, and promote better mental health, clarity, and performance. From ancient Roman bathhouses to Japanese onsen bathing, as well as Nordic saunas, the practices and procedures are as old as time and are often written in the histories and cultures of communities the world over.

For those wanting to dip into the trend in absolute luxury (as opposed to sticking an ice bath on the patio), Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has created several authentic ways to enjoy the experience across its hotels. Book your next holiday around your wellbeing plan: from curative fire and ice therapy at Rosewood Mayakoba and a Himalayan salt sauna at Rosewood Guangzhou to CBD ‘total reboot’ therapy at Rosewood Miramar, the enriching experiences will leave you feeling revitalised and reenergised.

Visit rosewoodhotels.com

Transformative Retreats

transformative retreats rowing

Yoga and Pilates retreats are nothing new, but the stark increase in transformative getaways – especially those with a focus on mental wellbeing, group bonding, and getting back in touch with nature, as opposed to weight loss or fitness – will be all the rage in 2024. The idea focuses on going slow, and reconnecting with ourselves, those around us, and the planet we inhabit.

If you’re looking to get on board, The Bothy at Heckfield Place has just launched Reconnect, its first four-day transformational retreat experience. Hosted in small groups of up to four, the programme is rooted in community spirit and creating meaningful connections with others. All thoughtfully managed by the in-house wellbeing curator, guests are encouraged to embrace slow time and realign with nature’s pace while discovering the healing power of the great outdoors. Alternatively, The Gallivant Camber Sands' year-round wellness programme is inspired by creativity, community, and the coast, where wild swims, community beach cleans, wolf full moon yoga practices, runner’s retreats and ecstatic dancing are all on the roster.

The Reconnect programme at Heckfield Place starts from £3,900, visit heckfieldplace.com; rooms at The Gallivant start from £165 per night, visit thegallivant.co.uk

Endurance Meets Recovery


With the number of people taking part in triathlons, decathlons, marathons, and extreme endurance tests increasing massively year-on-year (triathlon participation in England was up by almost 11 per cent in 2022 compared to 2021, according to statista.com), this trend seems to be going in one direction only. However, what’s new for 2024 is the emphasis on recovery and rest. If you want to combine hitting your 2024 endurance goals with a weekend getaway, then take your body to the extreme and back again at Six Senses Ibiza, which has announced the return of its Triathlon of Senses. It offers race participants a holistic journey of recovery for the mind and soul, as well as the body.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the glistening Xarraca Bay in the north of the island, the goal is to ensure that participating guests are mentally focused, emotionally elevated, and in an optimal physical state as they approach the triathlon starting line. With expert guidance from leading triathlon coach Vincent Beltran, weekend highlights (as well as the triathlon itself) include biohacking, inspirational lectures, coaching, restorative yoga, meditation, massages and more. Supercharge your body in more ways than one.

Six Senses Ibiza Triathlon weekend, 12-14 April 2024, from £1,477 for two adults, visit sixsenses.com

AI in fitness

virtual reality fitness

Artificial intelligence is the global buzzword for 2024 – and the fitness industry is no exception. Major developments in the field will see myriad new apps, gadgets, and workout products that can measure, track, and improve mental health, physical fitness, stress levels, sleep patterns, organ activity and nutritional needs. Smart gyms will be incorporating high-tech machines to give personalised and interactive workouts, adapting wholly to their users while home workout equipment is still having a post-pandemic moment, too. Try out products from Tonal, Hydrow, NordicTrack, Speediance and Tempo Studio, which can adapt to the user’s body shape, height, and fitness level.

Body analysis machines are also becoming more popular for measuring and tracking weight or muscle mass, hydration levels, and bio-age metrics, which indicate how quickly, or well, the user is aging beneath the Botox. Love it or hate it, fitness fans can also expect mixed reality to permeate the health and wellness sphere this year, blending virtual training spaces with the real world, and enhancing them through music, digital design, and cutting-edge technology. While for many, the advance of AI is a scary prospect, some say it democratises the wellness industry, bringing fitness opportunities to those who need them most. Expect the advancement in AI to stretch through the healthcare and wellness sectors, fast.

Trust your gut

gut health supplements

Gut health awareness is here to stay, and is taking over our food preferences, lifestyle choices, and supplement and vitamin usage. As we all begin to gain a better understanding of the link between our gut and overall health and wellbeing, the more people are becoming focused, and invested, on how to improve it. Expect to see sales surge for hero ingredients such as turmeric and aloe vera, as well as an emphasis on mindful eating, with pace and portion control a top priority. For those wanting to tap into the supplements trend, Heights Biotic⁺ is a vegan formula of seven highly researched strains of bacteria, created by scientists and endorsed by the likes of Stephen Fry, Stephen Bartlett, Vogue Williams, and Grace Beverley.

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