Lily Fortescue Reveals her Beach Body and Beauty Tips

20 Jul 2018 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

The impeccably groomed Londoner lifts the lid on her fitness and beauty regime

Model and events planner Lily Fortescue lives in Belgravia with her boyfriend, Sebastian MDH, one-quarter of the renowned Housekeeping DJ collective. She is twin sister to Made in Chelsea alumni Rosie Fortescue and her stylish coterie includes Millie Mackintosh, Amy Jackson and Hum Fleming. With upwards of 60,000 followers, Fortescue’s Instagram feed is an enviable stream of exotic getaways, glamourous parties and covetable wares. Her holiday-hard lifestyle is tempered however by a commitment to health and fitness and she boasts one of the most desirable physiques out there. Here, she divulges her workout and wellbeing secrets for a svelte summer body and happy mind.

I have always been sporty and loved playing lacrosse and netball at school. The gym makes me feel so good mentally – the physical effects are just an added bonus. It is the best form of medicine for anxiety and stress.

I work out four or five times per week. My fitness routine has definitely developed since I first started training. I went from thinking a 40-minute run was fit to now mixing weights with HIIT workouts. Until three years ago when I met my trainer, Mark Garlick, I had never lifted a weight. I just used to do a lot of cardio, which I now realise gave my body very little shape. Weights changed my life.

I am a member of KX Private Health Club and I love their Anna Maria Condition classes. The Lomax Blast classes in Chelsea are also amazing for a full-on 45-minute sweat and the Helle Hammonds GymClass in Holland Park is also incredible.

I love having a workout wife. I like doing classes solo but I love training with a friend.

I wish I had known sooner that it’s important to have a consistent workout routine. Also that, annoyingly, staying in shape is around 80% diet. I wish I could say that you can sweat out a hangover but, for me, that would be a lie. When I am hungover, Deliveroo and my sofa are the only things that get a workout.

My favourite bikini brand is VIX. It creates amazing Brazilian little shapes, and also Melissa Obadash for colours, prints and fit.

I start the day with eggs and avocado or porridge with banana and seeds, and as big a cup of coffee as I can get my hands on, made with almond milk. Throughout the day, I try to eat as clean as I can, most of the time, and avoid eating white flour as much as possible because it makes me very lethargic. I eat good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes – they are great at staving off hunger.

I have the best facialist, Dr. Tatiana Lapa, who introduced me to ZO products, which are great for my skin. I always cleanse, tone and moisturise and I exfoliate once a week.