Kricket’s Junoon gin and prosecco cocktail

17 Dec 2020 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

Raise a glass to the festive season with Kricket's Junoon cocktail, shaken with gin, prosecco, passion fruit and a whole lot more


50ml gin20ml prosecco20ml passion fruit puree10ml lemon juice2.5ml rose water25ml sugar syrup1 egg whiteHalf a passion fruit


Combine all ingredients except tge prosecco and half of the passion fruit. Shake with NO ice. Then add ice and shake again. Strain into a martini glass. Scrape out half of the passion fruit, fill with prosecco and float on top of the drink.

A few things to think about…1. Gin, any decent one will do. 2. This is using egg white, so no good for the vegans, unfortunately it won’t really work without it. The egg white gives it that beautiful texture and without it the passion fruit won’t float. Make sure you shake hard!3. Sugar syrup – super simple, equal parts sugar and water. (500g sugar to 500ml water) .Boil the kettle, throw the sugar in a heat resistant bowl, add the water, stir until it’s all dissolved then leave to cool.