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14th April 2020


Dear Subscriber,

When we launched Luxury London Magazine, back in the summer of 2018, we did so with a simple mission statement: to explore that loaded notion that is luxury. In an increasingly online world, we believed there was space for a specialist print publication, printed on wood-free paper, devoted to ethical luxury. A print magazine for the digital age.

As we continue to consume more of our world through the screens of our smartphones, we continue to believe in the power of print – to elevate, to entertain, and, in the most efficacious of cases, to exhilarate.

Yet we also believe in delivering to you the most relevant content through the most appropriate platform. During the next few weeks, when the majority of us will be duty bound to stay at home, this means providing you with inspiring suggestions of things to do, recipes to cook, workouts to try, virtual exhibitions to explore, albums to listen to, and films and documentaries to watch on our website,

To meet this digital objective, we are postponing the publication of our print magazine during the summer. The good news is that we will return in the autumn with a fresh new look and a restructured format. From autumn onwards, Luxury London Magazine will be published four times a year. Each issue will contain significantly more pages and be printed on thicker, glossier – though, importantly for us, still wood-free – paper.

To reflect the changes to the magazine and our new print schedule, we have upped the price-per-issue from £7 to £8, yet have kept our yearly subscription at £25. For those readers who have already signed up for a year, we will be freezing your subscriptions for six months – recommencing on the publication of our first quarterly issue.

In the meantime, please visit our website for stimulating ways of utilising lockdown, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter at We look forward to introducing our new-look magazine in autumn.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Brown
Editorial Director