Stephen Webster, Mount Street: boutique of the week

11 Dec 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Mhairi Mann

Set Christmas off with a bang: Stephen Webster is gifting jewel-filled Christmas crackers to customers this holiday season

For those seeking the ultimate entertaining space, you’d be hard pushed to top Stephen Webster’s Salon on Mount Street. Positioned above Oscar de la Renta and overlooking Berkeley Square, the intimate boutique consists of two rooms: one showcases the influential British jeweller’s seasonal collections for men and women, while the second has been designed with entertaining in mind. Webster regularly uses the space to host cocktail parties, intimate dinners and VIP shopping events.

Flourished with bold and sculptural details, the light-filled contemporary salon is reflective of Webster’s distinctive fine jewellery, which is impeccably handcrafted in London and imbued with rock ‘n’ roll spirit. His geometric collections partner cutting-edge craftsmanship with an eclectic pool of inspiration that ranges from quintessentially English eccentricity, pop culture and literature to the mercurial nature of the ocean.

Stephen Webster Vertigo collection

Webster’s celebrity clientele includes Elton John, Jay-Z, Russell Brand and Madonna – who propelled Webster into the mainstream during the nineties when she wore Webster’s Crystal Haze ring on her index finger, which remains a signature design.

The Salon was designed by Guy Holloway, who also worked on the jewellery’s home in Kent. Works by long-time friend and collaborator Tracy Emin hang on the walls, while a gleaming sculptural lampshade by Fredrikson Stallard is suspended by the bay window.

This month, customers spending above £5000 will receive a handmade artisan cracker, filled with jewellery, gold crown party hats, edible glitter and personal jokes by Mr Webster himself.

Second Floor, 130 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3NY,