Georg Jensen's Offspring Collection: Polished Poetry in Motion
Georg Jensen's Offspring Collection: Polished Poetry in Motion

Georg Jensen’s Offspring Collection: Polished Poetry in Motion

15 Mar 2018 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Mhairi Mann

A sterling new collection from the Danish silversmith doyen, made in collaboration with contemporary designer Jacqueline Rabun

Jacqueline Rabun debuted her first collection for Georg Jensen in 2000, featuring an egg-shaped resin bracelet. The curvilinear design was inspired by the enduring relationship between parent and child and is a symbol of evolution and harmony.

The elliptic shape is reintroduced this spring in a 26-piece collection, hand-sculpted by Ruben in sterling silver and 18-carat rose gold. Riffing on the original egg-shaped bangle, the new collection features sleek and polished pendants; dangling drop earrings and sweeping, sinuous bangles, designed with exacting precision to sit perfectly on the wrist. Interlocking ovals represent the bond between two people, reflective of Rabun’s thoughtful and tender approach to jewellery design.

“My work is informed by human experience,” says Rabun “I often explore the beauty of birth, love and transformation when I am creating and I work with natural fluid forms. The organic egg form is a symbol of birth, and the connection between the small and larger egg represents unconditional love and the importance of one’s heritage and roots.”

Coined Offspring, it represents Rabun’s deft flair for proportions, while adhering to the codes of the Danish house, a leader in timeless, sculptural silverware since 1904.

From £95,​