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Vibrant topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery for November

01 Nov 2023 | |By Luxury London

Those born in November have not one but two birthstones to enjoy in all their sparkling glory: many-hued topaz and lemon-yellow citrine

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The colour of citrine is obvious from the name, linked as it is to the French word for lemon, citron, but topaz can be found in a spectrum of shades, from light blue, violet and brown to yellow, orange, pink and, very rarely, red. Fittingly, it is believed this vibrant, many-hued nature is the reason the word topaz comes from tapas, the Sanskrit word for fire. For those who like to mark special milestones with gems as tokens of love, blue topaz is the fourth wedding anniversary stone, and citrine denotes three decades of marriage.

Both topaz and citrine have been popular gemstones since ancient times and people sometimes confused them, believing them to have the same powers. These gemstones may give strength, thwart magic spells and dispel anger; and for centuries, Indian cultures have believed that a topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence. Whether you believe in such matters or not, wearing gemstone jewellery in colours you adore certainly adds an energy and sense of joie de vivre to everyday life. Here’s our pick of the best citrine and topaz birthstone jewellery for November.

Mejuri multi gemstone station bracelet

Sustainable jewellery brand Mejuri has accessibility and traceability at its heart — making for beautiful pieces that embody minimal luxury. This multi gemstone bracelet is crafted from 14 carat gold and detailed with responsibly sourced citrine and diamonds and can double up as an anklet.

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Fernando Jorge Beacon earrings

These artistic, dramatic earrings are from Fernando Jorge’s Flame collection. The designer aims, with diagonally placed pear-shaped stones and contoured lines to invoke a dynamic, upward trajectory, to ‘complement the curves of a woman’s face and body, harnessing her strength and confidence’. The Beacon earrings accomplish this using citrine and yellow gold in a dynamic, modern design.

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Pomellato Iconica topaz earrings

Hoops have had quite the resurgence over the past few years. Now far from starter earrings for those with newly pierced ears, the world’s finest jewellery firms are putting a high end spin on the style. Cast in 18 carat rose gold and embellished with blue topaz, these Byzantine-inspired designs by Pomellato take the look to the next level.

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Boucheron Snake ring

This citrine-centric creation by Boucheron is smooth and sculptural: a yellow gold serpent winds around a citrine oval, showcasing the warm maple and honey colour of the soft stone. This is the kind of statement ring you shouldn’t save for special occasions; wear it every day and treasure it.

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Bea Bongiasca Long Vine ring

We love this Central Saint Martins alumna’s arty, colour-popping style, perfect for those who like their gemstone jewellery to be as playful as it is pretty. Bea Bongiasca’s blue marquise-cut topaz us enclosed within a 9-karat setting and trailed with white enamel-coated sterling silver. Every style is handmade in Italy.

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Kiki McDonough Forget-Me-Not topaz earrings

Kiki McDonough is the place to go for birthstone jewellery every month of the year, really, as showcasing coloured gemstones is the designer’s passion. These earrings show off a central blue topaz beautifully (and can also be worn as gold hoops thanks to the brand’s detachable drop design).

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Kiki McDonough citrine and diamond pendant

This fiery pendant is part of Kiki McDonough’s birthstone necklace collection; a simple and stylish way to wear citrine every day.

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Dinny Hall Trinny Trilogy ring

This Trinny Trilogy ring combines a slim sterling silver band with prong settings to complement the central rectangular-cut London blue topaz flanked by baguette-cut Swiss topaz stones on either side. This show-stopping ring is a contemporary update on the classic cocktail ring inspired by the glamour of 1920s America.

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Rachel Jackson Sunburst Amulet

The real beauty fo coloured gemstones? They look just as good rough as the do cut and polished. Rachel Jackson’s birthstone amulet is engraved with a sunburst motif and filled with miniature rough-cut citrines that move gracefully in time with the wearer.

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TBalance Crystals bracelet

A wonderful reminder of positive energy, this citrine bracelet is trying with enamel beads that spell out Shine. Holistic coach and founder of TBalance Crystals Tori Boughey believes there are beneficial energies inside precious stones; citrine is hailed for its cleansing and uplifting properties.

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