Toby Huntington-Whiteley on Summer in London

01 Jul 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Annabel Harrison

The model and personal trainer on breakfasting in Queen’s Park, cycling around London and his new swim short collaboration with Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

If you want people to snap up a pair of your swim shorts, you certainly have a better chance if Toby Huntington-Whiteley is wearing them. You have an even better chance if they’re designed with sustainability in mind. Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay has teamed up with LOVE BRAND & Co and Ibiza Preservation Foundation to create these Sea Weave swim shorts, inspired by the hotel’s rustic, woven interior and made using recycled plastic bottles. The shorts, expertly modelled by Mr H-W, will raise funds for Ibiza’s endangered Posidonia seagrass, a species of plant that helps keep the island’s waters crystal clear.

What is true luxury?

It’s about provenance and quality. I value luxury items that have been handcrafted or that are made from the highest quality materials. I would rather invest in buying once than buying cheap over and over again.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

At home in Devon. There’s something about the rolling green hills that will always draw me back.

What are your luxuries in life?

I have been collecting watches for a few years. I love the craftsmanship and the history that comes with every watch. Travel is probably my biggest and favourite luxury. I love the feeling of arriving in a new destination.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza

What are your beach holiday essentials?

My LOVE BRAND & Co cap which always travels with me, a notebook to write down ideas and inspiration, and my camera.

Why does this swimwear collaboration matter so much to you?

To be able to give back to the environment that we so carelessly have used and abused is very important to me. By purchasing a pair of these LOVE BRAND & Co shorts, you’re giving back to nature and ensuring it is preserved for the future. Ibiza Bay is a hotel that is passionate about protecting its island home.

How would you show someone a good time in London?

I love breakfast so would always start with that. I recently moved to Queen’s Park and the area has some great breakfast spots – so does Kensal Rise. I love Salusbury Foodstore for a simple juice and breakfast. Cycling is a great way to see London, so we’d hire a couple of Boris bikes and cycle around Hyde Park. On a weekday, we’d wander up Portobello Road, ending up at Golborne Road, and have lunch in one of the great little cafes around there. Then visit the V&A and explore all the various galleries.

What are your favourite London memories?

Ones that involve food. My fiancée, Cicely Brown, and I went to Coya then to see Aladdin earlier this year; the food was some of the best I’ve ever had. Other great memories would be watching the rugby and football World Cup with mates in a pub.

What do you personally do to leave the world in a better place?

I’m still educating myself as to the things I can do, but I do use a KeepCup and bamboo cutlery, I walk and cycle as much as I can and I am trying to eat less meat. By getting involved in environmental charity projects like this one, I hope to shine a spotlight on issues that need addressing.

What are you reading / listening to / watching right now?

I have a book called The Daily Stoic. Everyday it gives you stoic insights and exercises, which can help in day-to-day living. I’m listening to Tame Impala’s track Borderline – I can’t wait for their new album – and I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones; I am completely hooked.

LOVE BRAND & Co Sea Weave shorts, from £120 for men, £60 for boys; rates at Ibiza Bay from £550 per night,