Luxe + Hardy: The Label Redefining Restwear

24 Sep 2018 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Annabel Harrison

“I am willing to invest in rest so that I can be my best”.

Do you exercise (most weeks)? Eat healthily (enough)? Nowadays, the answer to both is probably yes, but what about this: do you ever switch off? More likely not. Most of us are on the go from the moment we get up, phone in hand to switch off our alarm, until we drop into bed, many hours later, after hitting the gym, or going for drinks, or racing through an evening of cooking and life admin (phone still in hand).

Sadie Reid is on a mission to encourage us to do less and live more. Inspired by her time working at Condé Nast and the aspirational, luxurious content it produced, Sadie launched activewear retailer and wellbeing magazine Hip and Healthy online, seven years ago, when “health just wasn’t cool”. The aim was to make eating well and exercising as engaging as luxury holidays or high fashion. Fast-forward to 2018 and Hip and Healthy’s army of 83k Insta followers is treated to recipes for almond caramel popcorn, gorgeous activewear and motivational posts.

We caught up with Sadie in south-west London to find out more about her new line of “everyday essentials” Luxe + Hardy. The Reset range includes tees, jumpers and sweatpants, and Sleep features sleep tees and pants, plus a granddad shirt.

The beliefs behind Luxe + Hardy:One of my ambassadors is a nutritionist and a lot of her clients’ food and health issues stem from stress. Our adrenal glands pump out the [stress hormone] cortisol, so our body goes into fight or flight mode, but we don’t fly anywhere or fight anyone! So it just builds up and makes us ill. I wholeheartedly believe nutrition plays a huge part in health, and movement and sleep are so important too but I think we have ignored the fact that, especially when we finish work, that we need to transition to the sleep stage in a lovely, natural and indulgent way. Luxe + Hardy began as a way to make sleepwear more conducive to sleep!

On the design inspiration:There’s a big trend for streetwear at the moment but it’s fashion led and often polyester. Liberty did a big survey and 85% of people said they put on pyjamas when they get home from work in the evening. This category of clothing – loungewear, or restwear as I prefer to call it – didn’t really exist. And it’s what I’d like to live in most of the time! It means “this moment is mine”; it means “it’s time to relax and let go of the day”; but most of all it means; “I am willing to invest in rest so that I can be my best”.

Because we are on a mission to get people to relax more – and redefine the word ‘eveningwear’ – the clothes had to enhance sleep and look stylish out of the bedroom as well so the fabrics are natural, breathable, sweat-wicking and temperature controlling (not to mention multi-climatic). Our clothes are what you put on when you get home from work, need to nip to nursery or when you wake up on a Saturday morning. The sweats have pockets because they’re really useful! And we’ve designed in colours that go with everything.

Life’s little luxuries:Very normal things such as a having a bath, reading a book, watching a whole film uninterrupted by children. In fact – managing any of those uninterrupted by children is a massive achievement in our house!

These are the moments in life we take for granted, but that make life so special, not to mention the downtime in life is absolutely essential for a happy mind and a healthy body (two of our favourite things).

What Sadie loves about London:I live in a place that has everything I am passionate about on my doorstep – from fantastic parks and a beautiful river for running to the latest, coolest meditation spaces opening up and juice bars to indulge in. It’s all here!