Tropical Interiors To Inspire Your Home

Luxury London

31 May 2018

The top home-decor trends creating a buzz on Pinterest

The Pins have spoken: fill your home with flowers and finery this summer

31 May 2018 | Luxury London

Framed Flowers

Far easier to look after than their living counterparts, pressed plants are up +396%. Feeling crafty? Create your own, or venture to for a selection of pre-pressed floral works of art.  

Leaf Wallpaper

The palm leaf print trend continues to grow (no pun intended). We like it best climbing up a statement wall. House of Hackney spearheaded this trend and remains our top choice for luxurious greenery, while Barneby Gates strikes the balance of chic and playful with its opulent collection of Quintessentially English designs. 

Botanical Prints

From vintage studies to delicate pencil drawings, line your walls with framed botanical prints. 

Club Tropicana Toilets

Make a big statement in the smallest room in the house by turning your downstairs loo into a tropical conversation point. 

Small Space, Big Impact

Love plants but lack space? A narrow shelf is ideal for a green display, which will in turn transform your room.