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The best new films and TV shows to stream in August 2023

02 Aug 2023 | |By Kari Colmans

Rain cancelled play? Escape the dreary British summer with a great new box set this month

With the British summer weather looking like an inevitable write-off, there’s no better time to retreat to the sofa for an evening of binge-worthy TV. From feature films and documentaries to long-awaited new seasons, we’ve rounded up the best new films and TV shows to stream this month.

Fisk, Netflix

Created by (and starring) Kitty Flannagan, alongside Vincent Sheehan, this quick-off-the-mark, laugh-out-loud comedy follows lawyer Helen Tudor-Fisk’s professional fall from grace. Following the embarrassing breakdown of her marriage, she is obliged to take a job at a shabby law firm in the suburbs, where the humorous idiosyncrasies of everyday office life ensue. The show’s tagline reads ‘not another glamorous legal show’: Suits this ain’t.

Out: 1 August

Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child, Netflix

This film follows the story of US pro-boxer and perpetual prankster Jake Paul. Ohio-born Paul became an internet sensation, and one of the most polarising men in sport, when he and his brother Logan gained a huge online following with the various wind-up antics they posted on YouTube. As their notoriety grew, the relationship between the brothers was tested. When Jake’s real-life drama threatened to put a stop to his career, he got a second chance as a knock-out boxer. Expect gripping interviews with the Paul brothers along with their parents, fans, colleagues, and critics.

Out: 1 August

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Part 2, Netflix

If you’ve been following the highs and lows of the slick Mickey Haller this summer – the idealist lawyer who at one point ran his practice out of the back of his beloved Lincoln Town Car (but has since upgraded to a very fancy office) – then you’ll be waiting with baited for breath for the second half of the latest series to drop. The end of part one left fans on a cliffhanger, with Haller being attacked in his office car park, and in part two he continues to defend his love interest and client Lisa Trammell, who is on trial for murder – while grappling with the complex relationships of the many women in his life.

Out: 3 August

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Prime Video

Based on author Holly Ringland’s stellar 2018 novel of the same name, this Amazon Original series follows the story of a young girl who tragically loses her parents as a child. Starring Sigourney Weaver, as well as Alycia Debnam-Carey as nine-year-old Alice Hart, you’ll be gripped as the family’s long-buried secrets come to light against the backdrop of Alice’s grandmother’s flower farm. You can catch the first three episodes of this seven-episode limited TV series on release day.

Out: 4 August

Only Murders in the Building Season 3, Disney+

Starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short, this show garnered a cult-like following from the get-go. Following the story of three strangers living in the same grand New York apartment building, the trio were united by their passion for true crime – and soon found themselves embroiled in a murder case of their own, which took place (you guessed it) in their block. Determined to investigate the truth, the three came together to start their own true crime podcast. After an actor in producer Oliver’s (Short’s) new show collapses on stage at the end of season two, the trio reunites once again for this third instalment to discover what really happened that night.

Out: 8 August

Billions Season 7, Paramount+

Having disappeared from our screens during season six of Billions, Damien Lewis’ Axe is making a comeback this summer for the show’s final hurrah. Expect an all-star cast including Paul Giamatti and Corey Stoll, plus regulars Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades and David Costabile as Mike Wagner, as well as some new famous faces, too. The official tagline reveals that old alliances will be turned on their heads, with old wounds being weaponised, and as always, the betrayals and blurred lines of enemies and friends tested.

Out: 12 August

Untold: Hall of Shame, Netflix

Casting a spotlight on one of the biggest sports doping scandals of our time, this documentary examines the industry’s rampant use of steroids. For 16 years, Victor Conte swore his supplement and nutrition company, BALCO Laboratories, never used illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, but by 2000, he had become the prime source for athletes in search of steroids and glory. The film interviews several of Conte's former associates, as well as the top athletes who couldn’t resist the game-changing drugs – and all they promised.

Out: 15 August

Harlan Coben’s Shelter, Prime Video

Set in New Jersey, this spooky tale follows the story of down-and-out teen Mickey, played by Jaden Michael, whose father has passed away and whose mother is undergoing rehabilitation. Having just started a new school, he finds himself embroiled in the mysterious disappearance of a female student. And so, the search for the young girl begins, and with it, the unearthing of the town’s deepest darkest secrets, as Mickey and his friends discover more than they bargained for.

Out: 18 August

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