Facial Recognition: Abigail James at The Beaumont

Mhairi Mann

14 February 2020

Forget fluffy facials– Abigail James at The Beaumont combines holistic massaging techniques with the latest high-tech wizardry to treat and transform skin in the most effective way possible

14 February 2020 | Mhairi Mann

Abigail James has magic hands. Her unique massaging technique, developed over years of working with the body as well as the face, is truly transformative. One of London's top facialists, she combines Indian and Japanese methods with stimulating lymphatic drainage techniques to increase circulation, lift, tone and brighten. 

I discover Abigail’s rapid-fire fingers at The Beaumont hotel, where she is the resident facialist. Nestled in the hotel spa, she specialises in completely bespoke treatments that couple holistic, massaging techniques with hi-tech wizardry. These including radio frequency, which is excellent for tightening the jowl line; microcurrent and LED light therapy. “IPL and lasers use the power of light in a focussed way to stimulate your own skin’s healing and rejuvenation response,” she explains. “It’s super clever."

“The best skincare ingredients are essential, clean formulations that achieve results, not just smell and feel nice. I am a huge fan of low-level peels and formulations that help restore the dermis to function in a balanced way and achieve results."

A fountain of knowledge on all things health and skincare, a facial with Abigail is also the perfect opportunity to soak up her expertise and ask as many questions as you can. Abigail’s beauty commandments? “Never use skincare recommended by a friend,” she instructs. “Their skin is different from yours. Don’t try Botox or fillers when you haven’t had a facial in years, and don’t be afraid of peels. Always cleanse morning and night and apply SPF all year round. Make sure you use a serum too – these are the products that are really going to make a difference.”