Resplendent rubies: birthstone jewellery for those born in July

Annabel Harrison

14 July 2021

An array of vibrant, intricate and show-stopping ruby jewellery for those looking for the perfect July birthday present

14 July 2021 | Annabel Harrison


ssociated with love, enthusiasm and strength, rubies range in colour from pinkish to deep red. Their vibrant colour has attracted those looking for a gift from the heart, and wearers who gravitate towards bold, warm hues. It's also believed that a ruby will protect its wearer from evil as well as bestowing good fortune – an added bonus if this speaks to your way of thinking. Practically-speaking, rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, making them an ideal stone to be used in a piece of jewellery that will be worn every day. From traditional diamond-paired showstoppers to contemporary ruby-centric designs, here’s our guide to the best ruby birthstone jewellery for July birthdays.


Launched at this month's Paris Couture Week, this ruby beauty is perfect for those who love both rubies and rings that make a serious statement. No fewer than 135 brilliant-cut diamonds are set in a white gold, spring-shaped spiral, designed to enclose and showcase a single mesmerising oval-cut ‘Vivid red’ ruby (3.05 carats) from Mozambique. The creation pays tribute to the fact that Chaumet was the first jeweller to open on the legendary Place Vendôme in 1812; the Torsade collection – 'twist' in French – was inspired by the movement of the ornamental frieze wrapping that surrounds the Vendôme Column in the centre of the Parisian square.

Torsade de Chaumet ring, POA,


These joy-inducing earrings are the kind you’d whip out for the red carpet at Cannes, a significant wedding or an equally significant milestone birthday, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you love them enough to wear them to the office. Channel the legend of the brand's muse Amrapali, an extraordinarily beautiful royal courtesan said to have lived around 500BC in ancient India, with these 18-karat gold earrings. Adorned with 2.8 carats of diamonds and 3.83 carats of rubies, these earrings have been designed to stand out.

Earrings, £33,000,


A pair of identical white gold butterflies is inlaid with mirror-image rubies, weighing 1.11 carats, and 0.17 carats of diamonds, all of which have been responsibly mined and are traceable to their source. Part of the Butterfly collection, these earrings demonstrate how this revered jewellery maison likes to experiment with settings that ‘complement and contrast with the symmetry of a butterfly, creating simple pieces, such as these stud earrings, that celebrate a single motif, as well as high jewellery designs featuring kaleidoscopes of butterflies’.

Earrings (above), £6,900; Promise ring and Graff Inspired by Twombly collection, all POA (main article image)


Hancocks' artisans have given a huge round Colombian emerald (0.93 carats) a halo surround of 12 round-faceted rubies, creating a prettily-floral scalloped edge. The warmth of the 18-carat rose gold band and setting works beautifully with the chosen gemstones. If we were given this ring, we would spend a disproportionate amount of time looking down at our hand, admiring the clarity of that central stone and its dozen ruby compatriots.

Ring, £8,750,


Ruby may be the birthstone of July but it’s also beautiful when featured as part of a wedding band, given the association of its distinctive pinky-red hue with love, romance and passion. Vashi has created a striking half eternity ring – 'half eternity' simply means that the side of the band that's plain is completed by a half that's diamond-set. On this band, the gemstone half is given a shot of colour thanks to 0.75 carats of round-cut rubies, sparkling alongside their diamond counterparts.

Wedding band, £1,650,

Harry Winston

Forget me not; these earrings demand attention, and with good reason. The masterful Harry Winston artisans have looked to nature for inspiration and the result is a collection of blooming Forget-Me-Nots, crafted from sapphires, diamonds and rubies. These earrings have petals in the form of 12 pear-shaped rubies weighing a total of 2.37 carats, with round brilliant diamonds at their centre, set in platinum. If you really want to treat the birthday girl, these earrings have a matching necklace and bracelet. Subtle, no. Spectacular? Yes.

Earrings, POA,

Kiki McDonough

No need to stop at July; from January’s garnet to December’s blue topaz, Kiki McDonough has a beautiful birthstone pendant for those born in every month of the year. A round-cut ruby takes centre stage in July’s creation, set within two interlocking yellow-gold circles and held in place on either side by a trio of delicate diamonds. Perfect for every day, this gives a nod to her, or your, birthstone while complementing any colour the wearer might choose.

Pendant, £1,200,

Pippa Small

For a quietly beautiful everyday ring, this is it. Taking centre stage is one hand-cut ruby; known to Pippa Small and team as the sun’s stone, the gem of ruler of the planets, in Vedic tradition – the stone of life, love and passion. Your 18-carat gold creation has been made by Om Prakash, the son of a farmer. He learnt stone cutting when young and first specialised in carving crystal gods for the temples but now runs a small workshop in Sanganer, just outside Jaipur; he has worked with Pippa Small for more than 20 years. The design is a Greek ring, one of Pippa’s first designs; every stone is hand-cut and follows the natural shape of the rock.

Ring, £1,800,

Robinson Pelham

These single orb hoops are perfect for those who love to mix and match their jewellery; the ruby-centric option above is set with rubies and a diamond in 14-carat yellow gold and can be worn with the brand's Earwish, WishDish and Hero charms (removable pieces that can be dangled from any hoop). Robinson Pelham even offers an 'Ear Edit' service where they'll style your ear with collections from their ear menu, if the choice is baffling, or you need some style inspiration for your latest ruby-based acquisition. 

Single hoop, £420,