lakes by yoo villas
lakes by yoo villas

The Lakes By Yoo: Why This Cotswold Estate Is One Of England’s Best

14 Jun 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Dominic Jeffares

The Lakes by Yoo is a luxury property development, founded by entrepreneur John Hitchcox and designer Philippe Starck

I was on the verge of booking a flight to Nice when I received an invitation to the Lakes by Yoo, a private estate in the Cotswolds. The itinerary was like something out of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five: accommodation was the exclusive five-bedroom Barnhouse (partly designed by Kate Moss, though sadly I learned I would not be greeted by her upon arrival) and I would be left to my own devices to play with rabbits, climb trees, prod beehives and roam the estate on a bike.

Chipping Campden

Taking my motorbike down England’s westerly spine, the scenery becomes noticeably prettier once you pass Oxford. Whilst the majority of Britain’s towns and villages are defined by ombres of red and brown brick, the Cotswolds is all honey, amber and gold. The stone varies in colour from north to south, being honey-coloured in the north and northeast of the region, as shown in Cotswold villages such as Stanton and Broadway; golden-coloured in the central and southern areas, as shown in Dursley and Cirencester; and pearly white in Bath.

Passing through the sleepy town of Lechlade, I reach a village green where sheep openly graze. Located opposite a bright-yellow field of what I think is rapeseed, I’m welcomed through the understated gates by a stocky Sherpa-looking man with a gentle smile. I’m later told he’s an ex-Gurkha; not a surprise, since the estate houses some ultra-high-net-worth properties and people.

For those familiar with Soho Farmhouse, the Lakes by Yoo is the original daddy of the member’s club-cum-country retreat thing. Unlike Soho Farmhouse though, this is a place where the focus seems to be placed on wild creatures, rather than the pretty creatures of London. The estate is wild where it should be, and beautifully pruned where it would otherwise detract from the curated viewing experience- it’s like giant Japanese bonsai cutting by Monty Don, after he went on a tour of Camp America. Unlike Soho Farmhouse as well, many of the properties are available to buy and rent. Not surprisingly, more than 70% of the residents here are Londoners, so expect a varied bunch of creatives, finance-gurus and A-listers.

Many of the villas have completely bespoke interiors

Created by the luxury property development company YOO, it’s hard to see how the sprawling site has been transformed from an abandoned quarry. Working alongside in-house architects, nine base designs form the starting point for the villas, lending the estate a coherent, contemporary feel. There’s a monastic hush here. Perhaps it’s the soft bark of the trees that absorbs the sound. The expansive vistas, silver birches, wild cherry trees and pines mislead you into thinking you’re in New England; it’s difficult to fathom London being 90 minutes away.

The houses are made from stress-graded timber and clad in Russian larch, with possibly more glass used on site than on The Shard. Those who want a more bespoke approach to creating their dream home are able to request a roster of world-class design talent including Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and Elle Macpherson (who happens to have been a resident). Also launching this year are the Lakes by Yoo apartments, for those who want something smaller but no less appealing. Like all of the properties on the estate, the team are able to manage your property on the rental market, making it a very investment-worthy holiday home.

As I stand on the balcony of my villa, I catch sight of three shooting stars and recall a quote by Emerson; “but if a man would be alone, let him look at the stars. The rays that come from those heavenly worlds, will separate between him and vulgar things.” I can see the appeal of the Lakes for urban millennials and families. As more and more of us are fed a diet of virtual reality, the call to nature has never been more significant. I haven’t been on my phone once today; I’ve also completely forgotten to book my flight to the South of France – I don’t think I will anytime soon.

The Barnhouse

The Estate at a Glance

  • 135 homes on the 850-acre estate, of which 20 homes are now in the rental pool and growing at 15% per annum
  • Average rents are £4500 per week and average occupancy is in excess of 30%
  • Capital growth across portfolio stands at circa 10% per annum
  • Residences are managed and maintained by an around-the-clock concierge team
  • Facilities include a full-service spa, clubhouse, a restaurant, sailing club, and a wealth of family-friendly activities from zip-wiring to honey beekeeping.
The Poolhouse, available to rent for £12,500 per weekend

The Apartments at a Glance

  • Starting at £950,000
  • Choice of three interior design packages
  • Approx 1300 sq ft
  • 18 Apartments
  • 3 blocks
  • 6 apartments per block
The Lakes by Yoo Apartments
Views from the newly developed apartments

For further enquiries please contact: +44 (0) 1367 250066;