XUPES Royal Exchange
XUPES Royal Exchange

Boutique of the week: XUPES Royal Exchange

19 Dec 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

The luxury e-tailer opens its first standalone boutique in London 

“The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive” said Coco Chanel. Not so quick Coco. Specialising in luxury accessories, XUPES has been trading pre-owned goods for more than ten years on e-comm, with huge success. With the ability to pick the most sought-after pieces at more ‘modest’ prices, pre-owned is fast becoming the way to go. In XUPES Royal Exchange, you will find pristine Birkins (around £6,999) alongside vintage Rolex Submariners (from £2,199) and quilted Chanel handbags (from £900) next to rare Patek Philippes.

The world of pre-owned can be murky, with counterfeit goods aplenty. At XUPES, products are rigorously vetted for provenance and authenticity, then meticulously serviced and prepared in their manufacturer-accredited in-house workshop and watches come with an industry leading two-year warranty. Alongside their collection for sale, Xupes also purchase pre-loved items directly from customers, sell them on their behalf and offer an exchange service encouraging customers to recycle their items and reduce waste.

Joe McKenzie, the founder of XUPES explains the reason behind the success of pre-owned, “buying pre-owned not only makes financial sense for customers, but also provides access to vintage and classic designs that aren’t available from retailers anymore. Add in the sustainability factor and we think it’s a proposition that really resonates with a lot of people.” The Square Mile can look forward to a very welcome neighbour indeed.

XUPES, 5 Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3NL xupes.com