Natalia miyar
Natalia miyar

Interior Designer Natalia Miyar on the Luxury of Comfort

18 Mar 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Annabel Harrison

 "I was born in Mexico to Cuban parents and my family then relocated to Miami when I was young, so travel and culture play a pivotal role within my life and work"

Natalia Miyar was born in Mexico, grew up in Miami and has degrees from Brown University in Rhode Island and the University Miami School of Architecture in Florida, so it’s understandable that her interior design practice draws upon cultural and aesthetic influences from all over the world. Having founded her atelier in 2016, which spans London and Miami, Natalia has since been named one of House & Garden’s Top 100 Designers and is a member of the British Insitute of Interior Design.

What should a client look for in an interior designer? Someone you can easily connect with and whose work represents what you like. If you have that covered, you can craft a space that’s truly you. It’s an intimate process, and there’s no space more intimate than home.

How do you like to start a project? For me it is with the interior architecture. We start with the layout and the spatial sequence and craft the space from there.

Where does your inspiration come from?Everywhere. I am inspired by travel, nature, art and vintage books especially. I was born in Mexico to Cuban parents and my family then relocated to Miami when I was young, so travel and culture play a pivotal role within my life and work.

Describe your style in three words: Textured, comfortable and glamorous.

The Hockney sofa by Natalia Miyar

How do you feel about the Marie Kondo decluttering trend?It is a philosophy of life to live by. I do agree that you should only keep things that ‘spark joy’!

What are your favourite three objects or design elements in your own home?My bespoke pink velvet sofa in the most perfect shade of dusky pink, which manages to be feminine and tailored at once. My art collection, which is highly personal and includes pieces by artists that I know and admire. I have primarily Cuban art as it connects me to my cultural roots. I also have a wonderful cabinet full of china, crystal and flatware for setting the dining table. I enjoy entertaining and love to set a different table each time so no two dinners are the same. It means I am constantly collecting pieces during my travels.

Can you give an example from your portfolio where you feel form perfectly meets function?There has been an increasing demand from my clients for flexible working space so I look to transform space that feels underused and make it into something inviting and productive. I like to utilise corners within bedrooms and reception rooms to create a perfect task area in a place that might not otherwise be used. Bedroom spaces can often be quieter than the general areas in the home, providing an oasis of calm for a mini home office. Slimline shelving within in a bedroom can double up as a desk or dressing table.

Favourite accounts you’re following on Instagram?@carpentersworkshopgallery because I find the meeting point of design/art fascinating.@stubbsandwootton – where I buy all my beautiful slippers.@christiesinc for art world inspiration.

What is luxury, for you? Time spent in a beautiful place with people I love.

Your current favourite colour:Pink, it is my current and perennial favourite. Funnily enough it isn’t my go-to in interiors but it always injects a bit of warmth into projects.

Where are you next going on your travels, for business or pleasure?New York for business. I’m visiting three new projects. It will be a hectic few days but we will squeeze in galleries and museums for inspiration as always.

If you had an unexpected 24 free hours to fill in London, you would:I’d start by walking in the park with Oscar my dog, then I would head to a long, lazy lunch with friends in Annabel’s. I’d follow this with some cocktails at Claridge’s and end the day with a luxurious massage at home, my duplex apartment overlooking Battersea Park.