Glow up: Introducing Noble Panacea’s Vitamin C Booster

07 Sep 2022 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

Noble Panacea's new skincare formula is a game changer for those suffering from complexion dulled by rain or shine

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Noble Panacea

As the days get darker, there is one brightening product that everyone should have in their arsenal: Noble Panacea’s brand new Vitamin C Booster from its Exceptional Collection. Noble Panacea is the skincare expert utilising science for unbeatable results. The Vitamin C Booster is particularly clever. Using Noble Panacea’s cutting-edge Organic Super Molecular Vessel (OSMV) technology (which you can read more about here), the formula is able to deliver more than 20 per cent pure L-ascorbic acid (a type of pure vitamin C) at both peak freshness and potency, meaning every last drop contributes to creating the gorgeous, glowing complexion you always dreamed of.

Thanks to the OSMV technology, rather than flooding skin with a high dose of Vitamin C in one go, the booster enables micro-dosed delivery throughout the day. By releasing ingredients to the skin as and when it needs them, penetration is increased by more than 200 per cent, while the efficacy of the formula improves tenfold. In a nutshell, this formula is unlike any other Vitamin C product on the market and helps to protect skin against natural aggressors, resulting in an incomparably bright and radiant glow.

Noble Panacea ambassador Jodie Comer

So, how does it work? The Vitamin C Booster contains active ingredients with scientifically-researched properties – mullein flower, for example, absorbs UV radiation and transforms it into visible light. Kakadu plums have one of the highest natural known concentrations of Vitamin C content of any fruit, reducing pigmentation and helping create a luminous appearance, while you’ll also find mineral and amino acid-rich camu camu extract and hydrating antioxidant acerola extract working their magic as well. The treatment also contains white pine bark extract, which, boasting bark’s protective qualities, improves skin translucency. Extracted from a byproduct of the lumber industry, it also contributes to a circular economy.

And, while that might sound like a lot of ingredients, Noble Panacea is committed to sustainable and ethical production process so you won’t find any parabens, silicon, phthalates, palm oil or ingredients tested on animals in its products. Every product also comes complete with a complimentary envelope enabling you to return your Active Daily Dose packets to Noble Panacea for recycling.

Even better, adding Noble Panacea’s Vitamin C Booster to your existing beauty routine couldn’t be simpler. Mix this potent antioxidant formula with your serum, apply it to cleansed skin, and then leave to penetrate. Follow with moisturiser and, if applied during the day, SPF. It’s a routine designed to reverse the effects of environmental stressors, as well as targeting the major signs of photoaging (such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and loss of elasticity), and the results are dazzling.

Why not swing by Noble Panacea’s new counter at Harrods for a consultation? The brand’s skincare experts will be able to tell you all about what the Vitamin C Booster can do for your skin, whether you’re looking for protection against photoaging, to reduce pigmentation, or simply create an all-round radiant glow to defy even the gloomiest of autumn days.

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