Noble Panacea: Decoding the science behind the world’s most advanced skincare

05 May 2022 | By Zoe Gunn

Go behind the buzzwords and discover what makes Noble Panacea’s products quite so special

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Noble Panacea

If you’re a skincare fanatic (or even if you aren’t) you’ve probably heard of Noble Panacea. Founded in 2019 by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Fraser Stoddart, its products are talked about by industry experts in the kind of hushed, reverent tones that immediately let you know you’ve found something special.

But what exactly is that something special? As you would expect from a brand created by a world-leading chemist, there’s some serious science that goes into each and every Noble Panacea product, most notably the unique Organic Super Molecular Vessel (OSMV) technology. No Ph.D.? No problem – allow us to take you behind the jargon and explain why, once you’ve tried Noble Panacea, you’re never going to want to go back…

What is OSMV technology?

At its most basic OSMV technology is a system for delivering the different active ingredients in Noble Panacea’s products to your skin. Delivery systems are found in many luxury skincare products but, having been discovered by Sir Fraser Stoddart, the benefits of OSMV are completely unique to Noble Panacea, and you won’t find its advanced technology anywhere else.

Grown at Noble Panacea’s in-house lab using a process that can take up to three months, the easiest way to think of an OSMV is as an octagonal ‘cage’ made from carbohydrates and fatty acids and that is around 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell. These vessels deliver ingredients directly to the skin and are completely green and renewable, as well as being able to hold both oil- and water-soluble ingredients, giving Noble Panacea far more options with its formulations when compared to brands using traditional delivery systems (which are usually able to only host one or the other).

What are the benefits of OSMV?

The are fur unique advantages to the OSMV system:


Ever wondered why so many serums are packaged in dark or opaque bottles? This is because many active ingredients are highly susceptible to light and oxygen. As an antioxidant, for example, the moment Vitamin C is exposed to air it will start to scavenge for free radicals meaning as soon as you open the bottle you’re losing a little bit of the ingredient’s potency before it even reaches your skin.

However, because OSMV protects each ingredient within its own tiny cage this type of exposure simply does not happen with Noble Panacea’s products. In addition, the brand’s single-dose packaging ensures there are no issues with exposure from open containers, guaranteeing each product is as fresh and effective as possible when applied to the skin, meaning you get the full benefits and see impressive results.

Ingredient separation and extended release

As anyone who’s ever gone on the hunt for that single miracle product that contains all the latest buzzword ingredients and promises every skincare benefit under the sun will know, it doesn’t exist for one very good reason – many ingredients don’t play nicely together. This can be down to the pH of a formula as dictated by its ingredients (e.g. Vitamin C will not be effective at the same pH as retinol or hyaluronic acid). Alternatively, it may be because, while two active ingredients may have differing benefits, their overall effect is similar. Retinol, for example, is great for fighting fine lines while AHAs are for brilliant for colour correction and brightening but both are also exfoliating so including them in a single product can cause redness and irritation.

However, because OSMV gives Noble Panacea complete control over which ingredients come into contact with each other it solves all of these issues. Each OSMV vessel can be filled with a single active ingredient or layered with multiple ingredients which work well together to achieve ultimate potency.

In addition to this, because Noble Panacea grows its OSMVs in-house, each cage can be tailored to achieve formulas that release ingredients at optimal times for the skin, rather than all at once upon application as seen in other formulas on the market where ingredients are not encapsulated.

Take, for example, a night cream. Research shows that skin benefits most from receiving exfoliating and detoxifying ingredients for the first few hours, followed by restorative and repairing ingredients, and finally, hydrating ingredients that leave skin dewy and glowing come morning. However, traditional delivery systems do not allow each set of ingredients to be separated, instead dumping them all on the skin in one go achieving little to no benefit in the latter stages of sleep. This form of skincare also necessitates the use of higher doses of the active ingredients than are actually needed which can in turn cause irritation when the skin is flooded with them all at once.

Because each OSMV vessel can be tailored, however, Noble Panacea’s products are formulated to deliver ingredients to the skin as and when it needs them. This may mean growing cages with slightly thicker walls that take longer to dissolve thus releasing hydrating ingredients late in the cycle. Or perhaps creating layered cages holding more than one ingredient which are released in optimal succession. The concept is as simple as timing your tumble dryer to come on only once your clothes have finished washing but, when it comes to skincare, you won’t find this technology anywhere else.


Remember we said each OSMV is 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell? That’s not by chance. This nanoscopic size allows for advanced penetration of the skin, with research showing that active ingredients housed within an OSMV achieved 200 per cent greater penetration when compared to applying the active ingredient alone. And we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that greater penetration means better results.

How does OSMV work in practice?

OSMV is at the centre of every single Noble Panacea product, so whether you’re using its Overnight Recharge Cream or its Intense Renewal Serum, you’re benefiting from this groundbreaking technology.

Of course, no one knows better than Noble Panacea that there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to skincare and thus it has developed three distinct skincare collections to meet your skin where it’s at. The Brilliant line features formulations aimed at protecting skin and preventing signs of aging, and is typically recommended for a demographic just beginning to notice the appearance of fine lines and looking for protection and prevention. It also features ingredients fantastic for protection against pollution so it’s ideal for urban dwellers as well as being completely safe for pregnant women.

The Absolute line, meanwhile, features powerful ingredients hailed for their ability to target more advanced signs of aging. Think high-potency retinol for boosting collagen and elastin production to firm and tighten skin. Finally, the Exceptional collection, which launched earlier this year, features highly-targeted products each addressing a very specific skin concern and designed to be used in addition to your daily skincare routine as and when needed. The debut product, the Chronobiology Sleep Mask, for example, is calibrated to work in tandem with the skin’s natural overnight regeneration and repair processes giving you instant lift and replenishment when you need it most.

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