Lisa franklin
Lisa franklin

Lisa Franklin, Knightsbridge: facial recognition

24 Jul 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

The high-tech EVA treatment at Lisa Franklin in Knightsbridge lifts, tones and nourishes for a smooth complexion

Lisa Franklin’s enclave feels more like a plush pied à terre than a clinic, hidden atop a townhouse next to Miu Miu on Sloane Street. The walls are lined with photographs of Audrey Hepburn, complemented by bunches of flowers and bowls brimming with quartz crystals. Franklin’s clinic is also one of the few places in London where you can experience Endospheres therapy – the latest facial de jour, which uses micro-compression and vibration in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production, thus helping to nourish, tighten and tone.

“I had been researching various devices for some time, but couldn’t find a machine that worked with my philosophy and enabled me to use my own product range. The EVA machine is unique in the sense that it provides a non-invasive treatment with three beneficial processes in one facial,” she explains. “It aids mechanical skin peeling; lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation-frequency, delivering ingredients deeper into the skin.”

Lisa Franklin

Franklin is one of London’s most revered facialists and has a reassuringly clear and enviably unlined complexion that is the trademark of esteemed skincare experts. During the course of the treatment, she moves her wand-like tool up, down and around my face – almost as though erasing my crinkles and creases.

“Up your antioxidants,” she advises when questioned on tips for keeping skin fresh during summer. “This will help limit the impact of increased exposure to the sun. Look for vitamins C and E and a natural antioxidant known as ‘Ethyl Ferulate’, which is a free radical scavenger and skin-soothing agent. The most frequent faux pas my clients make is not cleansing and exfoliating enough. You should exfoliate around two or three times a week, in addition to a thorough cleansing routine.”

The EVA facial treatment is priced at £180,