Aesop In Two Minds: A Compelling Trio for Combination Skin

A new trio of products by Aesop redefines the well-versed cleanse, tone and moisturise routine

Aesop has unveiled a new trinity of products designed for tricky combination skin, which is prone to be both dry and oily. Housed in signature amber glass bottles, the collection features a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, each made using a predominantly plant-based formula for a clear and hydrated complexion. “The In Two Minds range addresses the oily t-zone without causing disturbance to the drier parts of the face, while assisting with decongesting, soothing and purifying the skin,” explains Dr. Rebecca Watkinson, research and innovations manager for Aesop. "It has been developed in direct response to the needs of our customers to address the complexities of combination skin."

The clarifying cleanser thoroughly washes your face but is also extremely gentle, thus preventing the ‘tight’ feeling often associated with cleansers that target oily skin. Next up, a well-balanced toner, made with soothing chamomile, oil-controlling niacinamide and refreshing witch hazel. I, like you dear reader, have been skeptical of toners in the past, but this one really will transform your skincare regime, acting as a middleman between your cleanser and moisturiser that minimises pores and controls shine.

A lightweight moisturiser completes the trio, packed with essential oils and anti-oxidants including anti-ageing andiroba, calming copaiba and parsley seed, to fend off free radicals and pollutants. 

Aesop is renowned for its plant-based, aromatic and perfectly packaged skincare products, made in Melbourne. The new In Two Minds range embodies all that we love about the ethical brand, with a focus on balanced skincare. “We believe that in all things there must be balance and we encourage clients to effectively yet gently cleanse the face and remove excess oil without stripping the skin completely," advises Watkinson. “This significant trio of products represents the transitory state of combination skin: in parts blemished, overburdened and oily, yet at the same time, sensitive, (possibly) dry and wanting nourishment. This duality is represented in the trio’s name; “in two minds”, a state of ambivalence."

From £23,