How Spencer Matthews went from bad boy to businessman

Best known for his self-fulfilled role as the loveable rogue on Made in Chelsea, Spencer Matthews has gone from TV personality to entrepreneur with the launch of custom jewellerybusiness Eden Rocks. Co-founded with ‘the rock doctor’ Neil Duttson, the project officially launched in Novemberat the reopening of Matthews’ family hotel in St Barths. We caught up between screen takes to talk diamonds, first-date disasters and martial arts.

19 November 2019

How did your new venture, Eden Rocks, come about?

When I was looking for an engagement ring for my now-wife, Vogue [Williams], my best friend Hugo [Taylor] introduced me to Neil Duttson. He took me to a pub in Hatton Garden, Ye Olde Mitre where Snatch (2000) was filmed – it wasn’t the red carpet, glass-of-Champagne  treatment you might get in a big Bond Street store, but it was so personal that I realised I wanted to work with him on something.

Spencer Matthews and Hugo Taylor at the launch of Clean Liquor

Why did you think the diamond market needed something different?

There’s nothing worse than being made to feel like any other client. With us, we take you in as a friend; you’re getting a one-off experience and a one-off product, and we can be your go-to diamond guys. Everyone likes feeling like they’re getting a steal.

What have you learned about diamonds in the process that surprised you?

Oh, so much. For example, did you know that diamonds are always cold to the touch? And that the most effective way to weigh a diamond is in water?

What advice would you give people getting an engagement ring made?

Start with the centre stone and work around it – it’s like a portrait, you’d always start with the face so that everything fits around it.

So, speaking of engagements, where did you go for your first date with Vogue?

We met at ROKA in Mayfair and, I’ll be honest, I was still a little drunk from the night before – I’d been out celebrating winning The Jump [a reality TV show in which celebrities master winter sports]. In my usual manner, and probably trying to show off, I ordered loads off the menu – and then realised I didn’t have my card. Vogue had to pay for everything.

Where else do you like to let your friends pick up the bill?

If I could eat at Le Petit Maison every day, I would. They do incredible flavours. I also love the Gaucho group, ROKA and Zuma.

Where’s your go-to for Christmas gifts in London?

I always go into Patrick Mavros on the Fulham Road – I’m not big on shopping, but it’s just a great store. I’m wearing one of his belts and have one of the elephant bracelets.

Me too, the silver one.

Shall we start a club? Does this mean I can be on the cover now?

Only if we can come to the recently-reopened Eden Rock St Barths…

Oh yes! The reopening has been so exciting, because I spent a lot of time there as a kid, watching clients with these amazing watches and now we can offer them a completely unique jewellery experience, too.

Tell us about your watch collection.

I find watches and timekeeping fascinating. No one else in my family gets it, but the Swiss craftsmanship is just something else – the automatic movements, the detail. I tend to wear a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet, and I’d rather have a collection of watches in my safe than money in the bank.

How do you keep fit in London, especially during party season?

I don’t drink anymore, I really like running, and I used to box – but realised quite quickly I wasn’t much good at it. Turning up to meetings with a split lip isn’t ideal, and I’m competitive, so I wanted to be able to progress. I’m doing a lot of Jiu Jitsu at the moment with the Roger Gracie Academy, and I like the idea that if I get better, there’s an end result – I can move towards gaining a black belt.

Savile Row or Spitalfields?

Savile Row  – I always go to Tony Lutwyche for tailoring.

City or countryside?

A bit of both – probably more of the country when I’m older.

Cars, classic or new?

I’m not that into my cars. I’d rather ride around on my Triumph  Thruxton R.

Hotel or home? 

I’m a sucker for great service, but home, always.

Spencer with Vogue Williams at the launch of Clean Liquor