Gorgeous pearl birthstone jewellery for June

Zoe Gunn

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10 June 2022

Elegantly classic and edgy contemporary pieces for every type of June birthday girl

10 June 2022 Zoe Gunn | If you purchase something via our website, we may earn an affiliate commission.


rized since ancient times for their rarity, purity and naturally creamy colour, few and far between are the women who wouldn’t willingly add pearl jewellery to their collection. Said to bring love, luck and wisdom, June's birthstone is also a favourite among jewellers thanks to its versatility and the wide variety of shades, shapes and sizes available. Whether she favours a classic round cultured design or a contemporary spin using coloured or baroque stones, here’s our guide to the best pearl birthstone jewellery for June birthdays.


Admittedly, everyday life doesn’t often present the opportunity to wear a design that lays somewhere between an ornate Alice band and full blown tiara but, when said head ornament is as beautiful as this one by Chaumet, we’re sure she’ll find a reason. Crafted in white gold and set with Akoya cultured pearls and brilliant cut diamonds, this is a piece that will be treasured for generations.

Josephine Aigrette cultured pearl head ornament, £41,600, chaumet.com


If she’s a fan of dainty jewellery, pearls may not often be her first choice thanks to their natural tendency to come in much larger sizes than other stones. The masters over at Annoushka, however, have sourced delicate seed pearls in peach, pink and cream to create this light and elegant hand-threaded double row bracelet.

18ct gold seed pearl bracelet, £675, annoushka.com

Olivia & Pearl

Thanks to their natural size and texture, pearls are an incredibly versatile stone for jewellers to work with, allowing for creativity that stones such as diamonds and emeralds can’t offer. This doesn't mean, however, that they can't also offer the kind of colour contrasts of subterranean stones. Take, for example, these Tahitian pearl hoops from pearl specialist Olivia & Pearl. Combining the sophisticated creamy grey of AAA+ grade pearls with the flattering hue of pink gold they're a surefire winner.

Tahitian pearl rose gold earrings, £370, oliviaandpearl.com


Such is the allure of pearls that entire jewellery brands have sprung up to specialise in just this one stone – and one of the finest is Japanese house Tasaki. Happily, Londoners can peruse its modern creations at the Tasaki Bond Street flagship and admire the brand's contemporary take on this classic stone. These Ore earrings, which also feature a variety of coloured precious stones, are a brilliant example.

Ore earrings in yellow gold with Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, diamonds, aquamarine, pink opal and peridot, £178,000, tasaki.co.uk


Loquet’s range of customisable lockets make for brilliant gifts as, thanks to the brand’s huge range of charms and stones, they can be added to at every special occasion and birthday. Start simple with a timeless yellow gold locket and single pearl charm and let her build her dream piece of jewellery from there.

9kt yellow gold locket, from £380, pearl charm, £30 each, and 14kt yellow gold chain, £350, all loquetlondon.com

Cece Jewellery

Huge strings of pearls aren't for everyone but, presented with the right piece, we're convinced everyone is a pearl personal at heart. Cece Jewellery's unique take on the signet ring sees a subtle central pearl adorned with diamond stars and a hand-painted enamel clam in an eye-catching riff on heirloom jewels and traditional fairytales.

Cece Jewellery 18kt gold Clam and Pearl signet ring, £2,860, libertylondon.com


Classic creamy white pearls aren’t for everyone – but if you’re buying for a June birthday girl whose tastes run a little more contemporary, the good news is that pearls naturally come in a variety of colours. This unusual rose gold ring by Mozafarian employs diamonds to offset the beautiful hue of its black, grey-blue and white pearls.

Mozafarian pearl and diamond ring, £4,650, harveynichols.com

Sophie Bille Brahe

It may look timeless and elegant but this is not your grandmother’s row of pearls. Subtly updated by Danish designer Sophie Bille Brahe, a row of petite freshwater pearls is contrasted against larger beads designed to sit elegantly at the side of the neck. A deceivingly simple design twist that brings this jewellery box staple into the 21st century.

Sophie Bille Brahe Petit Peggy pearl necklace, £1,700, matchesfashion.com

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