Santo Mine Oia Suites

Santo Mine Oia Suites: Santorini’s newest luxury hotel is a tranquil haven

31 May 2024 | |By Hitanshi Kamdar

Mindfully-built suites that offer a luxury escape on the cliffs of Oia – utmost privacy and uninterrupted sunset views included

When the world dreams of Greece, they picture white-washed buildings studded along a cliff awash in dazzling golden sunshine. In truth, while most Greek islands are picturesque, that exact postcard-perfect image can only be found in Santorini. Here you’ll find tourists gathering daily on the cliffs of Oia, on the northwestern tip of the island, to capture an Instagram-worthy sunset shot. But, at Santo Mine Oia Suites, they’re served up on a personal platter.

Having opened in April, Santo Mine is one of the newest luxury hotels in Santorini, and companion to the Santo collection’s nearby Santo Pure resort. Cut into the cliffs of Oia, the resort stands a short walk – on a pretty cobblestone road – away from the heart of Santorini’s most famous village and the photogenic vistas and restaurants of Ammoudi Bay. Of course, visiting these spots is entirely dependent on whether you can work up the will to leave Santo Mine itself. Once you’ve settled into the serene all-suite resort, that can be more difficult than you’d think. 

Before it became a beloved summer holiday destination, Santorini was best known for its pumice stone mines. Santo Mine is built on one of those former mines – a fact reflected throughout its Cycladic minimalist architecture. Natural stone surfaces abound in the lobby, where a greeting gift of fresh lemonade sets the tone for a relaxing stay where requests are fulfilled before they’re even made.

Santo Mine Oia Suites

The cluster of suites themselves resemble a quaint village more than a traditional hotel. Roomy and imbued with a homey charm, thanks to natural materials of stone, ceramic and wood rendered in a soothing neutral palette of creams and whites, the suites are designed with open-plan interiors, with many featuring cosy living rooms and dual bathrooms. In keeping with the island’s natural flow, darker exposed lava stone walls are interspersed within the softer hues.

These soothing interiors come alive under Santorini’s brilliant sunlight, which floods in through floor-to-ceiling windows, positioned to replace shrill morning alarms with bright sunbeams. For vitamin D-starved Brits, the patios outside each suite offer a dining area and private pool or jacuzzi, making it easy to prioritise that tan while taking in stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Santo Mine Oia Suites

In Oia, you’ll find infinity pools and sunset views aplenty, but the elevations often make it a tad public, with tourists peeking down into seemingly private pools. At Santo Mine, however, privacy is prioritised in every corner. Designs also take on romantic undertones: diaphanous curtains, freestanding bathtubs and rooms positioned for ultimate seclusion.

We don’t imagine you’ll tire of quality time spent in your private sanctuary, but should you wish to explore the rest of the property, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Start your mornings in the open air gym before spending the afternoon in Santo Mine’s infinity pool. As well as a focus on fitness with dedicated trainers and yoga classes, Santo Mine’s Pnoē Spa promises treatments inspired by the island’s volcanic landscapes. For a memorable sunset, head up to the chapel on the edge of the grounds for a private view of Ammoudi Bay.

Alternatively, enjoy the sunset views from the Rhoē wine bar, where expert bartenders craft cocktails with ingredients grown in the hotel’s garden. Oenophiles will appreciate the impressive wine list brimming with local bottles that highlight Santorini’s unexpectedly accomplished viticulture. To find out more we visit the hotel’s wine cellar, where sommelier Despoina takes us on a flavourful journey with labels sourced from all over Greece paired with riveting facts about each bottle – a dry white Kavalieros from local winery Sigalas is vinified in stainless steel tanks while the Ammonite from Gaia wines is emblazoned with the Fibonacci mathematical sequence to signify the geometric harmony of its ingredients.

For a more substantial pairing, head to Santo Mine’s flagship Álme restaurant. The sea breeze and sparkling sunset views of the al fresco eatery make for a magnificent dining experience and, given the name is derived from the Greek word άλμη, meaning brine, it’s no surprise that seafood is a highlight. Combining fresh local ingredients with skilful dry ageing techniques, the chefs create vibrant seasonal menus. Our favourite? The creamy olive oil caviar served with warm bread and the indulgent lobster tail. For special occasions, an 11-course tasting menu with wine pairings is offered in a semi-private alcove on the edge of the restaurant. With exquisite food, personalised service and spectacular sunset views, it’ll be a date night for the books.

While Santorini makes a great base for rest, relaxation and quality time lounging in the sun, adventurers will also find plenty that appeals. Santo Mine’s concierge team is armed with local knowledge and personal connections to help guests plan boat tours to nearby islands, curate wine tasting experiences or explore hidden-gem restaurants. Add to that exceptional service, extensive amenities and awe-inspiring views resort-wide, and you have a gem that is sure to take its place among the island’s greats in its very first season.

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