at home dining sushi
at home dining sushi

On a Roll:ikisho’s Luxury Home Sushi Service

06 Nov 2018 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

Calling all sushi lovers – enjoy an interactive luxury sushi experience led by the experts 

Step up your dinner party game this year with the help of ikisho (i-ki-sho). The London-based team of Japanese culinary experts delivers traditional tailor-made dining experiences direct to your home by connecting diners to master ‘itamae’ chefs.

ikisho prides itself on omotenashi: an almost ineffable Japanese concept relating to outstanding customer service. Meticulous attention to detail, thoughtfulness and a commitment to top-quality ingredients are among the key attributes of omotenashi.

On arrival at your home, the master sushi itamae will design and serve a bespoke menu, omotenashi style. Guests are invited to sit in front of the itamae and watch this captivating one-man show, while a dinner party host is also available to explain the chef’s process, choice of ingredients and presentation. The company offers sake sommelier services too, where a sake expert recommends premium sake pairings and guides all elements, from the perfect serving temperature to the perfect serving cup.

So whether you fancy soft sashimi, sizzling Miyazaki wagyu or steaming bowls of Japanese soup, enlist ikisho for an unrivalled VIP dining experience. As they say in Japan, itadakimasu – let’s eat.

Created in partnership with ikisho

From £200 per person. To view a sample menu and book your ikisho master sushi dining experience please visit or call 020 7112 9365