Harry Winston’s dazzling tribute to the Big Apple

02 Oct 2019 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Luxury London

The famed jewellery house returns to its roots with a collection inspired by New York

From his first atelier on 7 East 51st Street, Harry Winston could see the Neo-Gothic spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral. An exquisite work of architecture contrasted against a sea of skyscrapers, the cathedral was one of New York’s many landmarks that provided inspiration for the jeweller throughout his life.

More than 80 years since the house was founded, the Harry Winston design team is paying homage to its roots with a collection themed around the city that never sleeps – and its unique quirks that provided the company’s founder with so much inspiration.

House’s iconic New York City Flagship Salon
Harry Winston Chandelier earrings

Three years in the making, the New York Collection is divided into nine sub-categories and encompasses a vast array of exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces, each of which showcases a different craft and setting technique.

Every piece has been designed to mimic a New York moment in Winston’s life, from the traditional brownstone buildings in the Upper West Side, where he was born and brought up, to the Eagle that guards Grand Central Station – chosen because he met his wife, Edna, on a train.

Central Park Mosaic Inspiration
Central Park Mosaic Collection

St Patrick’s Cathedral is represented in a dazzling necklace that plays on the architectural excellence of the building. A diamond collar, set with marquise diamonds and gleaming pear-shaped emeralds, mirrors the building’s green slate roof. A complementing pair of drop earrings (right) completes the suite.

The décor in Harry Winston’s New York City flagship boutique, 701 Fifth Avenue, has inspired three of the collection’s sub-categories.

The manicured gardens of Central Park and the rainbow lights of Broadway informed the final two categories.

Harry Winston high jewellery
Brownstone high jewellery
Fifth Avenue Inspiration
Fifth Avenue high jewellery
City Lights Inspiration
City Lights high jewellery
Cathedral high jewellery

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