9 of the Best British Loafers Money Can Buy 

The perfect slip-on shoe - and arguably the most versatile in a man's wardrobe - the loafer can be dressed up or down. Good for winter, even better for summer, now's the time to invest in a pair to last a lifetime. Naked ankles or not though? We'll leave that to you...

MR PORTER launches new Best of British loafer capsule collection featuring 7 esteemed UK shoemakers 

What can we thank the noble loafer for? Freeing us from the tyranny of tying shoelaces, that's for sure. But above all, its chameleon-like ability to work with almost every outfit. Michael Jackson did it with Thriller; John F Kennedy did it with a suit. The origins of the loafer can be traced back to King George VI, who requested a bespoke casual shoe he could ‘loaf’ around his country houses in. The westward migration of the shoe occurred when Maine-based shoemaker GH Bass launched its version of the shoe targeted at Ivy League students. From Columbia to Princeton, practically every student owned a pair of loafers, and unlike any other shoe before it was also unisex. 

Aldo Gucci, son of the label's founder, saw the popularity of the shoe in the US, and so when the first New York store opened in 1953, Gucci launched a luxurious version with the iconic horsebit buckle- to say the shoe was revolutionary would be an understatement. The loafer was the first shoe that bridged the gap between casual and business wear, and arguably if a man had to own one style of shoe, the loafer may very well be the shoe of choice. Here, we've picked 9 of our favourites from MR PORTER's Best of British Loafer Capsule. 

The Honeymoon Machine, 1961, MGM/ The Kobal Collection
The Talented Mr Ripley, 1999, Paramount Pictures

Grenson Kiltie Loafers, £420 

Church's Willenhall Penny Loafers, £450

Edward Green Polperro Penny Loafers, £475

George Cleverley Hedsor Suede Loafers, £455 

Edward Green Hampstead Suede Tasseled Loafers, £990 

Joseph Cheaney Hadley Penny Loafers, £325

Trickers Adam Penny Loafers, £395

Church's Netton Suede Loafers, £480 

Tricker's James Suede Penny Loafers, £395