The best February birthstone jewellery

Zoe Gunn

2 February 2021

Green and lavender amethysts make the perfect gift for jewellery lovers this month

2 February 2021 | Zoe Gunn

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For those lucky enough to be born in the month of love, February’s amethyst birthstone is a durable and versatile gemstone beloved by fine jewellers – which means there are plenty of options when it comes to gifting (or treating yourself).

Taking its name from the Ancient Greek word methustos, which translates as ‘intoxicated’, amethyst jewels supposedly protect the wearer from drunkenness and, in turn, make them savvier when it comes to business. And, while we wouldn’t recommend making them key to your five-year plan, amethysts, which come in a spectrum of colours from light green to vivid purple, do make gorgeous additions to any jewellery box. Here’s our guide to the best amethyst jewellery to gift for February birthdays.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac

For French jewellery designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac a good pair of earrings should highlight, not draw attention from, the face. The best way to do this? With a pretty, pastel-hued gem cut to refract light and illuminate your features. Think of these simple amethyst earrings as a replacement for all those facials that have been missed this year.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac Lady Like 18 karat gold amethyst earrings, £1,209, Net-A-Porter


Venyx founder Eugenie Niarchos takes much of her inspiration from the cosmos and nowhere is this seen more literally than in the brand’s line of Zodiac necklaces. This pendant features a central amethyst flanked by blue sapphires on the front, while the reverse displays the Aquarius constellation picked out in 24 round-cut diamonds.

Aquarius Zodiac 18 karat gold coin necklace with amethyst, diamonds and sapphires, £5,400, Venyx

Alan Crocetti

Purple not her colour? As a member of the quartz family, natural amethysts can be heat treated to give them a universally-flattering soft green hue. Set in silver, a faceted pear cut green amethyst is the star of the show on this oversized single earring from Alan Crocetti, a Brazilian-born designer who trained at London’s Central Saint Martins.

Alan Crocetti silver and green amethyst ear cuff, £186, SSENSE

Melissa Joy Manning

Handmade from recycled 14 karat gold and designed to highlight the naturally beautiful irregular shape of amethysts, this understated ring from eco-friendly American jewellery brand Melissa Joy Manning is a great everyday piece for those who don’t like to save good jewellery for special occasions. Feeling flash? Gift it alongside a stack of the designer’s other colourful gemstone rings so she can mix and match.

Melissa Joy Manning Freeform gold and amethyst ring, £685, Liberty

Kiki McDonough

British fine jewellery brand Kiki McDonough is renowned for the care and attention it lavishes on its stones, with as much love given to a semi-precious gem as to a flawless diamond. This elegant bangle set with faceted oval amethysts in green and lavender, each offset against a trio of diamonds, is a piece to be treasured for decades to come.

Green and lavender amethyst gold bangle, £1,800, Kiki McDonough


As USPs go, creating one-of-a-kind jewellery using ancient coins as a way of commemorating the thousands of lives they have passed through is quite the story. Also showcasing an unusual way with stones, this necklace features a coin dating from 101-87 BC and debossed with the profile of Ariarathes IX Eusebes Philopator, a former king of Cappadocia, set on an amethyst disc suspended from an 18 karat gold chain.

Dubini Ariarathes IX 18 karat gold coin necklace with amethyst, £4,900, Matches Fashion

Susan Caplan Vintage

Vintage and pre-loved doesn’t extend merely to your wardrobe – there’s a booming market for second hand jewellery and at its forefront is Susan Caplan. This amethyst and crystal three-piece set was created by Canada’s D’Orlan jewellery house in the 1980s and makes for an impressive gift for the modern jewellery fan.

Susan Caplan Vintage 1980s D’Orlan jewellery set, £255, Farfetch

Maya Gemstones

The striking triangle-shaped eponymous cut from Russian fine jewellery brand Maya Gemstones is said to be symbolic of power, intellect, wisdom and truth – making it a meaningful choice for a birthday gift. Set in 18 karat white gold and surrounded by round-cut diamonds, Maya’s Triangle Power amethyst drop earrings are elegant and timeless.

Triangle of Power earrings in white gold with amethysts and diamonds, £2,750, Maya Gemstones

Fabio Salini

The creations of Roman jewellery designer Fabio Salini are more akin to tiny sculptures than traditional jewels, with many of his works utilising unusual materials, such as leather, carbon fibre and ebony, alongside traditional metals and stones. These innovative earrings, in which amethysts float between discs of titanium and carbon fibre, are a case in point.

Gold, titanium and carbon fibre earrings with amethysts, POA, Fabio Salini

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