Rémy Martin Royal Sidecar

Luxury London

20 May 2020

The tides of war carried Americans to Europe and with them, the cocktail style that America had made its own. We are told that the Sidecar was named for a certain US captain whose preferred form of transport when out drinking in Paris was... a sidecar.

The citrusy character of the Sidecar displays the depth and versatility of the Cognac 

20 May 2020 | Luxury London

In London, Rémy Martin Royal Sidecars are usually served at: La Maison Rémy Martin at Claude Bosi at Bibendum in South Kensington; Scarfes Bar at The Rosewood in Bloomsbury; The Lanesborough on Hyde Park Corner; Novikov in Mayfair; The Goat in Fulham and Cahoots in Soho.


(served one)

35ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
30ml Cointreau
15ml of fresh lemon juice 


Pour all of the ingredients in the cocktail shaker and shake well. Fine strain and serve. Garnish with lemon zest. That's how it was served in 1922 – it's as simple as that.