About Luxury London

Luxury London is a multi-platform compendium of luxury, bringing together the very best in style, watches, jewellery, lifestyle, art and entertainment.

The go-to brand for discerning Londoners

luxurylondon.co.uk is the online platform for Luxury London Media, an integrated media organisation providing the most targeted print and digital marketing solutions in the luxury industry.

Luxury London Media positions premium brands in front of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals through absorbing multi-channel content, revolutionary data profiling technology and tailored invitation-only events.

Luxury London delivers the city’s most luxurious products, places, people and experiences through its ever-expanding channels. Our readers are discerning tastemakers with their fingers on the pulse of the latest luxury news, reviews and interviews. 

What does the word ‘luxury’ mean to us? We agree with Dr. Michael Scott: “Luxury is impossible to define but we all know it when we see it because we each have our own ideas of what it is… Thus the power of luxury is its relativity”. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder and so our content will be as wide-ranging within the luxury sphere as we can possibly make it.