Martini Hour: the home bar is back in fashion

Anna Prendergast

3 February 2020

So long, dry January: a home bar worthy ofJames Bond is this year's most stylish accessory

3 February 2020 | Anna Prendergast

Staying in is new going out, and it’s time to find a proper home for that Château Lafite 1990 that you generously gifted yourself under the guise of self-care. As we enter the Twenties 2.0, a century after Prohibition drove drinkers indoors and caused clandestine bars to crop up all over the United States, home bars are an increasingly stylish storage solution for the sort of bottles that don’t deserve to be hidden away. For the ultimate power move, install one in your private office, such as Buster & Punch’s Rockstar console. The company’s commitment to craftsmanship in everything from motorcycles to lighting fixtures is echoed in the console’s construction – in American walnut and quilted silk, it’s a sexy bit of kit for decanting whiskey and wine. Designers are also getting ahead of the curve with circular bars, from Green Apple’s jet-black Sahara Noir marble orb to PIB’s spherical centrepiece. Whether you opt for lacquered wood or burnished brass, the most important part is the contents: make sure it’s well-stocked with ice, garnishes, accessories and, of course, that 1990 Lafite. 

7 of the smartest home bars

1. Rockstar bar, £5,000;
2. Mirrored bar cabinet, POA,
3. Bar globe with brushed metallic finish, £1,700,


4. Sycamore bar cabinet by Michael Ryan Architects, £5,618,
5. Kara drinks trolley, £375,


6. Sahara Noir marble bar, POA,
7. B126 Bluemoon bar cabinet, £10,420,

Don't forget accessories...

1960s Mauro Manetti pineapple ice bucket, £1,065,; Sterling silver cocktail shaker, £9,250,; Stainless steel corkscrew, £40,