chelsea heritage forest
chelsea heritage forest

Chelsea unveils central London’s first ‘pocket forest’

18 Oct 2021 | Updated on: 27 Sep 2022 |By Mhairi Mann

Louis Vuitton and Cadogan partner with rewilding consultancy SUGi to create an enchanting, ever-evolving forest on Pont Street in Chelsea

Pont Street is one of London’s most covetable addresses, a stone’s throw from Harrods and the smart boutiques of Sloane Street. Earlier this year, fashion designer Anya Hindmarch put her name to five shops on the street, including a hair salon and a café, collectively coined The Village.

The latest addition to this Chelsea thoroughfare is an enchanting 240sq m pocket forest, bookended by the neighbourhood’s redbrick buildings. The serene space is planted with 630 native trees, lively shrubs and wildflowers, totalling 77 different species. The forest, designed to offset air pollution and attract wildlife, will take three years to fully form and is intended to be completely self-sustaining.

The rewilding initiative is a collective effort between Louis Vuitton, Cadogan and SUGi, a globally renowned organisation dedicated to creating native forests in urban areas. The project is the first of its kind in central London and aims to restore biodiversity, reintroduce native species and reconnect people with nature, as well as demonstrating how businesses and landowners can work together in an environmentally responsible and innovative way.

The Chelsea Heritage Forest is part of Cadogan’s recently launched ten-year sustainability strategy. Ambitious targets aim to create a more eco-conscious neighbourhood, from improving air quality to enhancing horticultural spaces. The area is already impressively green – there are 15 acres of manicured gardens across the estate. Cadogan is also spending some £40 million widening the pavements of Sloane Street and planting trees to create London’s most desirable luxury shopping destination.

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Chelsea’s Heritage Forest can be found at Pont Street, London SW1X