Luxury London Advent Calendar Day 24: Tessa Packard Midsummer Ring

Billed as a miniature Christmas tree for your finger, Tessa Packard's one-of-a-kind Midsummer Ring is plucked from the British designer's fantastical, imaginary garden

24 December 2019

For the Titania in your life, Tessa Packard's Midsummer Ring draws on Shakespeare's enchanting woodlands. This fanciful flower-toadstool hybrid is made from a beguiling, tactile mix of verdigris brass, enamel and black rhodium, with a glittering yellow sapphire centre stone. 

The ring is part of the British designer's Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden collection, which draws on literary greats and landscape artists to conjure a whimsical, make-believe land of fantastical bejewelled treasures.

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